Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8333 20.11.1962

Task to spread the Word ....

Thus carry My Word into the world .... If I give you this task Myself then you can rest assured that I will also do everything to provide you with the opportunity to accomplish it .... I Myself will arrange the destiny of your life such that you will be able to cope with My request, and I Myself will determine the ways you should take in earthly life. Nothing will happen to you by chance, everything is arranged to serve the spreading of My Word. And even fellow human beings will cross your path as I deem appropriate for the maturity of their souls if their will does not object. And even if it seems as if opportunities to work for Me and My kingdom are taken from you .... I will continue to create new opportunities because I know how much people need to hear My Word, which I Am able to convey to you directly from above. My adversary, however, will be equally eager to stop your work, and he will do everything possible to prevent you from accomplishing My instructions, yet he will not be victorious, for My Word is the light that shall shine into the darkness of night, which comes forth from Me Myself and also illuminates you .... And My adversary will flee from this light because it shines too brightly already and he is no longer able to extinguish it. Thus you should always rely on My help which will not fail you, and you should know that I will not allow My work to become endangered, that time after time I will send messengers of light to earth who will work on My behalf, even if you don't recognise them as such ....

But I know people's will since eternity, and thus I also know whether and when it is necessary to send you willing servants who will support the spreading of My Word conveyed to you from above as soon as My adversary has succeeded in raising obstacles or is using his influence to endanger the vineyard work. I will constantly speak to you, who open yourselves as vessels for My spirit, and you need not fear that the flow of My grace will diminish, for as long as you give yourselves to Me I Am able to work in and through you, and My will shall arrange your earthly life such that it serves the spreading of My Word. But I will never force a person to serve Me if he does not want to, if he allows My adversary to influence him, for only free will can achieve a blessed work for Me and My kingdom .... And time and again there will in fact be people who will offer their service of their own free will, for the kingdom of light knows of the immense hardship on earth and beings of light have voluntarily offered to descend to earth during these last days and as human beings accept a spiritual mission ....

The Word that comes forth from Me shall be spread because it is the only way to help people save their souls, because it gives them light and strength at the same time, and because My direct help has become necessary .... Thus I will also ensure that My Word can be spread .... I will arrange everything that it will be successful and also chose the right servants who then will work on My behalf. For My might is great, and My love for you justifies My might to express itself, and therefore you will experience things by which I want to demonstrate My infinite love for you .... Hence you can carry out your vineyard work without worry, for I Myself will guard it and will not let My work of love for you become endangered .... For you humans need My Word, you need a living sermon by Me so that all souls still living in darkness shall become enlightened ....



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