Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8367 31.12.1962

Childship to God is the object of life on earth ....
The Word of God ....

The process across earth as a human being is a greater than great gift of grace from Me; after all, it offers you the opportunity to shape yourselves into a child of God, for you once came forth from Me as creatures of My will, My love and My strength .... You certainly possessed supreme perfection, because nothing imperfect could emerge from Me, even so, you were a mere product of My will which could not be any different from how I created it; yet I wanted children which were to create and work with Me in supreme beatitude .... You had to strive for and acquire this childship yourselves by totally accepting My will, even though you also had the freedom to think and want in complete contradiction to My will .... Thus you had to be put to the test; you had to prove your love for Me by not accepting any other will than Mine .... This test of will was demanded of you and you did not pass it .... You wanted you own way, despite the fact that you were brightly illuminated by the light of realisation .... However, you were not forced to think and want like Me and thus you misused this freedom of will .... You had once been self-aware beings, but after this wrong decision of will you lost your self-awareness because it had been My eternal plan that you nevertheless should one day create and work in the same will as Mine in supreme happiness .... You should be able to shape yourselves into children of Mine and this necessitated an infinitely long path of development from the deepest abyss, which you voluntarily strove for, to the highest peak .... Disintegrated into minute particles you travelled this path through all the creations on earth without self-awareness .... until you reached the degree of development in which you regained your self-awareness when you lived on earth as a human being in order to voluntarily make the right decision of will, but which will then also lead to your childship to God, which guarantees you supreme blissfulness. Making this right decision in earthly life as a human being will truly not be made too difficult for you because, since I Myself yearn for the return of My living creations as My children, I will help you in every possible way to reach the goal .... I just must always respect your free will, which has to accomplish this change into a child of God.

However, I shall do everything in My power to direct your will correctly .... I speak to you Myself, and this address has a truly powerful effect, it merely requires your free will again to listen to it .... My Word is the greatest gift of grace you may receive from Me, for you once rejected this Word when you separated yourselves from Me voluntarily, and it should only be given to you again in your state of perfection .... But I grant it to you as a gift, I provide you with an unmerited gift of grace and only expect your willingness to accept it. But then you can also be certain that you will attain the goal .... the childship to God .... For once you are willing and allow Me to speak to you, My Word has the effect that you are ready to fulfil My will and you try, even if you still have to struggle and fight because you are weak creatures as long as you still live on earth in an imperfect state .... Yet you can recognise My greater than great love which leaves no stone unturned in order to regain you as true children so that I can provide you with unlimited bliss .... And if My love for you is so strong, then it will also help every individual living creation, it will not leave them to their own devices ..... Only, it must not oppose Me again as in the past, and that happens when it refuses to listen to My Word, when it rebuffs My messengers or completely and indifferently ignores the greatest gift of grace which can be offered to him on earth .... In that case the being will lack the strength for its final ascent, and his life on earth as a human being will be pointless and can lead into the abyss again if the human being does not change before his death .... However, anything that can be done from My side for the salvation of such souls will indeed be done, for truly, I do not want its downfall, I want everyone to become blissfully happy ....



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