Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8479 26.04.1963

Touchstone of divine revelations: Jesus' act of Salvation ....

How far have people distanced themselves from the truth, it is so difficult to introduce them to it because they are still awash with wrong thoughts and unable to let go of them. They accepted everything and made it their spiritual possession which they can hardly get away from. And precisely this wrong thinking, the adherence to error, is the immense spiritual adversity people find themselves up against. No matter how often I correct misguided teachings again, no matter how often I convey the purest truth to Earth, it does not gain acceptance because people's wrong thoughts repeatedly oppose it, because there is no will for the pure truth and everything is deemed to be true which merely seems to be a message from the spiritual kingdom. In addition, especially Jesus' act of Salvation cannot be properly grasped by humanity as yet; they don't know its profound significance and reason and thus concepts developed in due course which no longer correspond to truth but which are not abandoned either .... Time and again I say that the reception of pure truth requires entirely empty vessels which need not be purged from wrong ideas first, but that the pure truth must enter such a vessel entirely unimpeded .... Only then will it be possible to provide a correct explanation, and only then can one speak of the 'transmission of truth through the spirit'. However, for as long as Jesus' act of Salvation is still argued about, as long as there is not complete clarity about the fact that Jesus' soul came to Earth in order to accomplish a work of redemption, a unique act of mercy on behalf of the sins the human race had committed .... as long as people don't know the magnitude of the original sin they are burdened with and that they actually take the path across earth because of it .... they will not fully understand the fact that One has redeemed this immense guilt of sin through His death on the cross .... that they can therefore release themselves from their guilt if they acknowledge Him as the divine Saviour in Whom I manifested Myself as a human being, and the person must take the path to Him of his own free will and appeal to Him for forgiveness .... This free will must be present, otherwise he cannot become redeemed .... Thus, every human being can find forgiveness if only he wants it himself .... And what does 'forgiveness of guilt' mean? It means that it will be completely deleted, that it was paid for by the One Who took the guilt upon Himself .... that the human being will then be completely free and all effects of the offence will be removed, because Jesus, the man, had accepted the effects upon Himself through His immense suffering and the most bitter death on the cross .... Every suffering a human being was able to endure was accepted by Jesus, the man, of His own free will and He truly atoned for the guilt, the atonement He rendered was sufficient for Me in order to wipe out the immense original sin which led to My living creations' fall, as well as to forgive the sins which were committed by the human being in earthly life on account of his state which was burdened by the original sin ....

I Am indeed a God of righteousness and demand restitution for all guilt, for I cannot let any being enter My kingdom of light and bliss until it has been redeemed .... This is why a being's wretched state can last for an infinitely long time depending on its will to accept the blessings of Jesus' act of Salvation .... It will truly have to suffer accordingly, either in the kingdom of the beyond or through a renewed banishment in matter for another infinite time .... However, since Jesus, the man, has accomplished the act of Salvation, every soul which turns to Him, acknowledges Him and avails itself of the blessings of the act of Salvation, will also be redeemed .... And that means that its guilt will have been deleted, that it will be completely free from its guilt and able to enter the kingdom of light .... And if the soul has not found Him on Earth it will still be able to find Him in the realm of the beyond. Redemptive work is constantly carried out on the part of the world of light, the path to Him is pointed out to every soul, everything is done in order to help the wretched beings, and only totally hardened souls will descend ever lower and, at the end of a period of Salvation, can expect to be banished into matter again .... As long as you humans have not recognised the significance of Jesus and His act of Salvation for all spiritual beings which had become sinful, you will not get rid of your guilt either .... But do not believe that you may take the path across this earth for as long and as often as it takes you to come to this realisation .... Why do you cling to this hope that you will be able to catch up on what you neglected to do, or to atone your own sins? You will never be able to atone for the original sin yourselves, even if you lived a thousand lives on earth as a human being .... Because of this alone the pure truth needs to be conveyed to you, for each misguided thought is misleading and you allow it to be followed by constantly more wrong thoughts. You can believe that an enslaved soul also has to put up with enough agonies in the beyond in order to do penance for the sins it committed on earth. But you will never be able to cope with your original sin by yourselves, and as soon as you allow yourselves to be redeemed from it by Jesus Christ .... for which your free will must always impel you .... your earthly guilt will truly also be forgiven, because for this I Myself died on the cross. And believe that I do not convey opposing teachings to the people on Earth .... There is only one truth, and this truth I try to convey to people, and every person who sincerely desires the truth will also recognise it as such, for I will not leave anything unsubstantiated, I will provide you with understandable explanations and instruct you comprehensively so that you will also recognise error if it is offered to you. Time and again I highlight Jesus Christ's act of Salvation only to show you the path you need to take in order to reach your goal. And it is wrong to say that you cannot reach this goal during one life on earth, for Jesus Christ died on the cross precisely for the purpose of enabling you to return to Me in one period of Salvation ....However, if you ignore the blessings of the act of Salvation, it may well be possible that you will have to take the infinitely long process through the creations again .... Yet I will keep denouncing the misguided teaching that you may return to Earth as often as you like, because it will lead to completely wrong thoughts and because only truth can lead you to the goal ....



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