Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8500 18.05.1963

The predetermined day of the end will be kept ....

The day that My wisdom predetermined in order to cause a transformation on earth, which merely serves a worldly inclined human race as a dwelling place but is no longer used as a spiritual place of education, is not far away .... The day is not far away when My will shall implement an act which will aim to achieve the complete transformation of the external shape of the work of creation called earth, which will signify the destruction of all life in, on and above the earth as well as all existing works of creation .... For My plan of Salvation has been determined for eternity and the time will be kept which I, in My wisdom, recognised to be necessary in order to create new opportunities for maturing for the spiritual beings .... And you humans will not be able to persuade Me to abandon this plan or to grant you more time, for I know and have known for eternity humanity's spiritual state at this point in time, which is precisely the reason why a complete change is needed, a renewed transformation of all spiritual beings which are on the path of return to Me .... Consequently, My predictions that you should not count on a long time ought to be taken literally .... that you should not transfer the announced end to the future, for one day even the future will become the present, and this time has arrived. Moreover, you humans can see for yourselves by all the happenings in the world and around you that people's spiritually low level can almost not be surpassed anymore, and therein you will also have to recognise the reason for a near end, for everything has become disorderly, the development of the spiritual beings has come to a standstill if it is not in fact regressing ....

Hence you are living with false hope if you humans believe that you can win Me over through prayer, even if I keep telling you that prayers have great strength .... But what you pray for is only ever a selfish prayer, because you are not prepared to surrender your earthly life, and therefore you only pray that I should preserve the earth so that you will not have to fall prey to the end as well .... Your prayer should only concern the state of your fellow human beings' souls, you should only take care of your spiritual maturation and pray for each other and not appeal to Me to abandon a final destruction, for this is needed for the spiritual substances which are still bound in the creation which, just like you, are entitled to ascend so that one day they will also be permitted to become a human shell. But people forfeit their own right to be embodied on earth because they no longer take even one step upwards but are more inclined to strive towards the abyss again. A prolonged existence on this earth would be of no benefit whatsoever for these souls, instead they would sink even lower still, and they shall be prevented from doing so .... which will happen through a new banishment .... so that they will be wrested away from My adversary again, who had too much control over them as human beings in earthly life. You humans should only pray on behalf of each other that the souls will still release themselves from his control before the end .... Such a prayer of loving intercession for one of your fellow human beings will also reach My ear and be granted .... yet you will not succeed in trying to persuade Me to change My plan of eternity, after all, I know what is beneficial for all My living creations and what will help them to progress.

Therefore, anyone who wants to work for Me in My vineyard should take into account that the imminent end is a fact and thus be appropriately active on earth by preaching love and by also drawing all people's attention to the proclaimer of this divine teaching of love, to Jesus Christ, so that they will take the path to Him and under His cross become redeemed from sin and death when the end has come .... Then they will either enter the kingdom of light or be placed onto the new earth where they will be assured of a paradisiacal stay, which is already comparable to entering the kingdom of light, because people will have passed their test of earthly life and become free from guilt. And so that many people will still be able to reach this goal I continue to address them time and again through you, My messengers on earth, who receive My Word directly and pass it on to wherever it will be faithfully accepted. And this speech will not cease until the end, for I know who is suited to hear My Word, who allows My ray of love to flow into his heart and also makes correct use of it. And they will testify time and again that the end is not far away, they will never cease to mention My plan of Salvation and constantly refer to Jesus Christ and His act Salvation .... Time after time I will also emphasise His great significance and refer people to Him, Who alone can deliver them from the fall into the deepest abyss. And anyone who is able to believe in an end will not fear it either, for his faith has come alive through love and a person who lives in love will always also have the strength to defy all onslaughts which will still confront him in the last days .... For love itself is strength, because love connects the human being with Me, the Eternal Love, and thus constant strength flows to him from Me. And truly, none of you need to fear the end if only you would make the effort to live a life of love .... Humanity, however, is lacking love and is therefore descending ever deeper and thus causing the end itself .... as I have recognised for eternity and therefore My plan of Salvation will be implemented, as it was proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....



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