Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8511 28.05.1963

Are dissolved particles capable of suffering? ....

Every being will forfeit its self-awareness again if it totally fails as a human being and can no longer escape the fate of a renewed banishment .... And this is the most dreadful thing that can happen, for although having been dissolved into countless minute particles it is no longer able to feel like a whole entity, as you humans assume, it nevertheless experiences inconceivable agonies, because the spiritual being, which was once created as a free entity and already had partially regained its freedom again as a human being .... is now constrained and experiences this constriction as dreadful torment. For My once emanated strength had been self-aware beings, they had been able to live to the highest degree, thus they had not just been dead shells .... yet they became like that when they apostatised from Me .... When the spiritual substances became hard the actual life had escaped from it, that is, My strength, which gives life to everything in the first place, no longer permeated these shells .... And the dissolved minute particles will also remain without life as long as they cannot be illuminated by My strength of love .... The fact that these lifeless tiny particles can nevertheless be sensitive is incomprehensible to you humans .... In that case, however, they would never react when My strength of love tries to capture and enclose them so that the fallen spiritual substances can be reshaped into matter .... For even its resistance is a reaction which demonstrates that the spiritual substance feels a certain amount of pain and tries to put up a fight .... And the whole of Creation is in this state of torment, for it is subject to a law of which I Myself Am the Originator .... It is not free and has to subordinate itself to My law of eternity .... which is extremely painful for the spiritual substance which once was created as a free being .... However, would it not feel this agony, it would never ever be possible to change this lifeless state again .... You humans will never be able to understand this, but you should believe it, otherwise you would not need to fear a descent into the abyss and you would be completely indifferent as to what will happen to you after the death of your body. On earth you have your self-awareness again and are free up to a certain degree and yet not entirely happy as long as you have not found unity with Me by completely handing yourselves over to Me ....

Nevertheless, as long as you are alive you can still attain the latter .... If, however, you lose your self-awareness again then you will also lose all freedom, your activity will be determined by My will once more leaving you unable to use any will of your own, you will be bound within deepest darkness without knowledge of your existence, because you will be dissolved and only perform those functions which your God and Creator has decided you should do .... And if you, in a mature state of soul, are one day able to view this long period of time in the state of compulsion, then you will also know about the inconceivable agonies your soul had to endure in the countless forms, and you will also understand why My love is constantly admonishing and warning you in order to spare you this appalling fate. For you cannot vanish again into nothingness, and because you are immortal .... albeit dissolved .... then that which remains will never be insensitive either .... You humans should only ever content yourselves with the information I convey to you as truth .... I want to rectify misguided assumptions like the one that the dissolved spiritual substances lack sensory perception, that its state is therefore synonymous with 'non-existence'. Then the process of development would not be a maturing until the state when it receives its self-awareness again as a human being, for all spiritual beings only redeem themselves by way of suffering and being of service, both before their incarnation as a human being as well as during their human existence .... It should not be forgotten that the being had burdened itself with tremendous guilt due to its past apostasy and that it will increase this guilt again if it does not make use of the last time of grace as a human being and descends again into the abyss. And although a complete redemption through the being is not possible, it will nevertheless have to make amends and suffer for as long as it is not released from this guilt through Jesus Christ's act of Salvation .... To accept Jesus' work of grace and compassion is the human being's task in his earthly life, and therefore he could easily ascend .... If he fails and rejects all help from above, if he descends again into the abyss, then it will also be understandable that his path of suffering will start again when the soul is dissolved again and the path through the creations starts all over .... And neither will the suffering come to an end until the immense guilt is, sooner or later, redeemed through Jesus Christ, when the human being's will is ready to take the path to the cross and to appeal to Him for forgiveness of his guilt .... And this great blessing is at the disposal of you humans on earth .... If you don't use it and pay no attention to it then your suffering will not come to an end, for you are very distant from Me, your God and Creator, and that always signifies lack of freedom, light and strength and consequently you will not be happy either ....



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