Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8529 15.06.1963

Encouragement for diligent vineyard work ....

The fact that I Myself arouse the thoughts in you to convey My Word to those who will derive the greatest benefit from them should also spur you to carry out diligent spiritual work. People so often ponder over questions which I answer for them through you, and often they are delighted that they are granted this answer and thereby also recognise Me Myself and My activity .... Nothing truly happens by chance and I know every thought .... I convey My Word to you and Am therefore in constant contact with those of you who also think of Me, for it requires a heartfelt bond for My Word to affect you, be it directly but also indirectly, if you receive it through My messengers. But you, to whom I can speak directly, should use every opportunity to pass it on and always know that you thereby radiate many blessings, that nothing is done in vain and that I Myself guide you and direct your thoughts and only require your will to let yourselves be guided by Me .... Once a person has recognised My voice, every Word from Me will be a tonic for his soul, and the right nourishment and right refreshment will constantly be desired by him .... He will no longer be satisfied with human words, My Word alone will grant him strength and his soul will nourish itself by what it is offered from the Father Himself .... And thus you can believe that I will always be willing to pass the bread of heaven to those who long for it .... You will also feel urged to pass My Word on and shall always comply with your inner urging and truly, you will spray sparks of light in many a heart which ignite a fire again. And the desire for Me and My presence will grow ever stronger, it is the purpose of My address from above that people shall be affected by it and that their faith in Me will come increasingly more alive, that their desire to unite with Me becomes ever stronger and that My will, which is revealed to people through My Word, is subsequently also complied with .... Through diligent vineyard work you can contribute much towards it, hence you should not tire in distributing My Word and make use of every opportunity to inform your fellow human beings of the divine transmissions from the spiritual kingdom .... of the working of the spirit in the human being .... which I Myself promised when I lived on earth .... You should try to draw your fellow human beings onto the spiritual level, which certainly is hard work but it can be achieved .... Your willingness to serve Me, and your love for your neighbour will always let you find the right path, for I Myself direct your thoughts and will always be active in you as well. I will lead the people to you whom you should please again, and I watch over you so that your work will not be disturbed by My adversary. And therefore you can rest assured that you are not at his mercy even if he would like to stop you and your activity on earth .... The end is approaching and I need your work in My vineyard, for people need to speak up where I Myself cannot express Myself but where I also want to be active so that people will attain beatitude .... For time is coming to an end and much work shall yet be done, this is why I bless every one of My servants who works for Me and My kingdom ....



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