Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8530 15.06.1963

Prerequisites for hearing God's Word ....

If you are able to hear My Word within you then the relationship of a child to its Father will have been restored, then you will carefully listen within and hear My speech because you desire to be addressed by your God and Father of eternity. In that case you have made the right decision of will, for the soul .... the incarnated original spirit on earth .... will never be able to hear My Word against its will, but it has voluntarily come steadily closer to Me and changed itself into love again so that it can subsequently hear My voice once more, as it was in the beginning. Although the return to Me will indeed have taken place, nevertheless, the souls' degree of maturity can considerably differ according to the degree of love, which can continuously be raised and thereby My Word can be heard ever more clearly .... It is always an influx of My thoughts into the human heart .... It is always a manifestation on My part to a person who is closely united with Me through love .... My voice is not heard by the human ear, I speak through the spirit to the soul which, in turn, conveys the Words to the intellect, and this accepts the Words and determines the human being's will to write them down in order to preserve what My love wants to reveal to people .... These thoughts are radiated by Me from the spiritual kingdom, for the human being as such would be unable to provide himself with the kind of knowledge which is imparted to him through My revelations .... because all thoughts are flowing to him from the spiritual kingdom and it merely depends on their place of origin how they may be used .... Hence, the fact that I Myself Am able to speak to a person is already proof that the original state will soon be attained, otherwise the person would be incapable of hearing My voice. Every human being can certainly prepare himself as a receiving vessel for My flow of spirit which affects the person in the form of My Word .... Yet people only rarely know this, and only rarely will a person reshape himself again into that which he once voluntarily rejected. But anyone who does, will, through living a life of love, also attain the living faith that I speak to him, that he is able to hear Me, and then he will also attentively listen within ....

And truly, I will reveal Myself to him, he will hear the Word again as in the beginning and be very happy. For he will receive extensive knowledge, he will regain the realisation he once had lost .... he will become brightly enlightened, and through his close contact with Me he will also receive spiritual strength, which flows over to him through My Word. His dormant abilities will be reawakened, because love must awaken them first .... The person will increasingly deify his soul and unreservedly fulfil his purpose of life on earth: He will completely unite with Me again and be able to enter the kingdom of the beyond in a perfect state after the death of his physical body .... Yet a person only rarely forms such a heartfelt bond with Me that he can hear My Word in him .... But if it happens then it will also be in conjunction with a mission: to pass My Word on to those whom I cannot address directly because not all prerequisites for it are present .... Thus, it also provides Me with the opportunity to inform people of My will, for all people should know My will in order to subsequently comply with it .... And anyone who accepts My revelations will also make an effort to live according to My will, and then every one will be able to shape himself such that I can address him directly .... be it by either steering his thoughts in the right direction or by enabling him to read My Word which is conveyed to Earth directly. But his will must always be willing to listen to Me, if that is the case, he will only ever derive a blessing from My Word whether it is given to him directly or conveyed to him through My messengers .... But every person is blessed if he has the inner conviction that God Himself speaks to people .... everyone is blessed who has the grace of being informed of My Word .... blessed is he, who does the work of improving himself such that he becomes a receiving vessel for My spirit .... For he can be certain of My presence, My presence will manifest itself to him when he hears Me Myself in him, and then he will also know that he is not far away from Me and his goal, when he will be ultimately united with Me, when he will hear My Word again as it was in the beginning, when he will be able to communicate with Me and be eternally happy ....



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