Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8599 28.08.1963

God Himself conveys the truth to people ....

With immense happiness I convey the truth to you humans .... with immense happiness I inform you of the true purpose of your existence, about the cause and ultimate goal of your life on this earth .... For only if you are enlightened about it will you begin to live consciously and also strive towards the goal. Before that you are spiritually dead and every day is lost to you although it could, with the right will, lead you towards the goal. But you humans don't want to believe that your God and Creator, your Father of eternity, is speaking to you Himself and that you therefore may also accept that the information is true .... Nor do you consider that I Am a God of love and that love wants to give you everything you need in order to reach your goal on earth. And your goal is your final return to Me, from Whom you once emerged and voluntarily distanced yourselves .... And therefore you also ought to know the circumstances relating to your earthly existence, furthermore, you ought to know how you should live your earthly life so that you can achieve success. For the whole of your earthly progress can also be to no avail and I want to prevent that. I Am the Light of eternity ....

The light is brightly radiating. You yourselves are still walking in dark regions for you are completely ignorant and unaware .... For this reason I want to let My light shine into this darkness and, truly, it will make you happy to receive the knowledge which corresponds to the truth. For you can also be wrongly educated by your fellow human beings who don't have the right information themselves. But in that case the darkness surrounding you will not be penetrated because they are deceptive lights which don't radiate brightness and only confuse your thinking. I instruct you gladly and you can receive an explanation about everything providing you meet My condition that you are serious about wanting to know the pure truth .... You only have to muster this will and then entrust yourselves to Me Who, being Truth Himself, can also guide you into the truth .... And truly, you will be taught and receive knowledge in abundance which will make you very happy .... Everything will be comprehensible to you, every question will be answered and the light of day will be within you, you will have stepped out of the spiritual night and enjoy the light which illuminates your spirit. But you will only request the pure truth if love has been kindled in you .... For love, light and truth belong together; one without the other is unthinkable .... A heartless person will not ask for the truth from Me and will never ever ask for a light ....

However, anyone who lives a life of love also wants to escape the darkness .... and the fire of love emanates the light of wisdom .... everyone who is lovingly active will become knowledgeable, for I Am Love Myself, and a person who consciously allows for it will be educated by Me through the spirit .... And the more illuminating knowledge I can bestow upon you, the more I delight in the spiritual state of people who have escaped the night and thereby also the prince of darkness, who would like to keep all people in spiritual darkness so that they will be unable to recognise Me .... their God and Creator. But since I Am Love, since you all emerged from My love, I only ever want to make you happy. Yet this necessitates your unity with Me, it necessitates your will to draw close to Me again, and then you will also accept My gifts of grace, you will allow yourselves to be taught by Me and fulfil My will, which I proclaim to you through these instructions. Thus you voluntarily take the path which leads you back to Me, from Whom you once originated, because you already have a light within yourselves which illuminates the right path for you .... since due to My instructions you have gained realisation and know about the meaning and purpose of your earthly life. And the truth from Me will please you, you will request Me to speak to you if only you believe that I Am addressing you. And this belief will come alive in you through love .... Thus you only need to live a life of selfless neighbourly love and you will thereby intimately unite with Me, so that I can speak to you and guide you into the truth, as I have promised you ....



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