Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8652 22.10.1963

The magnitude of the original sin necessitates Salvation through Jesus Christ ....

If the knowledge of the infinitely long path of development, which you had to travel before your last embodiment as a human being, is given to you and you think about it, then you will also become aware of the tremendous guilt you had burdened yourselves with by your former apostasy from Me .... Because My sense of justice would certainly not let you endure an excess of suffering if you had not brought it on yourselves. Yet it is not an act of punishment on My part but once again only an act of My eternal love, because I want you to be joyful; however, I cannot give you a blissful life which conflicts with My law of eternal order while your frame of mind opposes Me .... which is the case due to your past antagonism towards Me. However, as human beings you cannot assess the magnitude of your guilt because your thoughts are only limited. Yet the beings which previously had fallen away had no such limitation of knowledge as you have as human beings .... instead they were perfect living creations who were fully enlightened. For that reason their guilt is so tremendous that it requires an act of atonement which could not even be achieved with the infinitely long path through creation. Rather, the greatest act of love and compassion had to be accomplished first by the man Jesus in order to make a final redemption of guilt possible which, however, also necessitates the acknowledgement of Jesus as Son of God and Saviour of the world ....

When you return to the realm of light from where you came you can judge the magnitude of guilt that an opposition to Me had meant. You will also understand that only by following the path through creation can you once again obtain the degree of maturity with which you can also comprehend and accept Jesus' act of Salvation ....

As human beings, however, you cannot grasp the extent of the immense significance this act of Salvation has for you .... for each individual soul .... and you therefore have to 'believe' what you are told and accept the divine Saviour Jesus Christ without proof. Then you become free of your former guilt and once again place your trust in Me .... Who was incarnated in Jesus .... and at the same time voluntarily return to Him, Whom you once refused to acknowledge and Whom you resisted .... You humans certainly can be given complete clarification; however, you are not able to understand everything in your as yet imperfect state. Therefore it will always be an act of faith when you follow the path to the cross but it is also your only and certain salvation because Jesus Christ will then accept the guilt on your behalf, because He died on the cross for the sake of people's sins, He took them upon Himself and redeemed them with His blood so that you would become free of sin .... And yet, this greatest and most important doctrine concerning the act of Salvation cannot be proven to you .... You have to believe it of your own free will and without any coercion .... And you are able to do so because I will never ask of you the impossible and because I will always help you to come to the right understanding.

However, one thing you should not omit or exclude: that you live a life of love .... because love is the strength which enables you to do everything, because through love you attain enlightenment, and because through love you unite with Me again and establish the condition prior to your fall into sin, when My light could continuously enlighten you. That way I can illuminate you as human beings, as soon as you practise love and voluntarily turn towards Me, no longer oppose Me and open up to Me so that the flow of My love can pour into you without restriction. But this is only possible after you have taken the way to the cross, so that you become free from the guilt of your sins, otherwise you will still suffer in the bonds of the adversary who will prevent you from doing actions of love and keep you in spiritual darkness because he does not want to lose you. Your guilt has been immense but it is redeemed by Jesus Christ Who now has become the visible God for you humans, providing you allow yourselves to be redeemed by Him, because you cannot ever remove your guilt yourselves. I, however, cannot admit you into My kingdom with your guilt because, although I Am in fact a God of love, I Am also a God of justice .... And this justice necessitates complete forgiveness of sins which you can only find in Jesus Christ, in Whom I Myself accomplished the act of Salvation ....



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