Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8663 03.11.1963

Task to spread the truth ....

The spiritual wealth you own also commits you to passing it on, and since it is My will that you spread the truth I will also always bless your efforts. Therefore, don't allow yourselves to be discouraged by obstacles or difficulties which My adversary will always put in your way, for if I promise you My blessing My adversary's activity will be futile. I only want you to trust Me completely, I do not want you to undertake anything without having appealed for My blessing and My help .... I don't want you to forget Whom you are working for, because you are not doing earthly work when you try to spread the truth .... it is the fulfilment of the task I gave you Myself, and even if you work in a more or less earthly way, you will nevertheless only undertake it with the support of spiritual forces which may influence you in My name in every sort of work you do for Me and My kingdom. For time and again I say to you that people urgently need light .... Even if only a few ever desire it, but even these few can be effective in their circle, and you will be surprised where the truth from Me will shine to, you will notice the strangest correlations and be happy that you were able to contribute towards the fact that people receive light. And even though My guidance is obvious, people must nevertheless be at work so that everything proceeds within the framework of natural progression and no person is compelled into believing, yet always shows the love, wisdom and power of a God and Creator. However, you, My servants, shall also experience My love and care time after time, for every good Caretaker looks after his labourers. But I also regard My labourers as My children and I will not withhold anything they need from them. Just hand yourselves over to My Fatherly care, give yourselves to Me completely and, truly, I will guide you wherever you go, I will bless your work for Me and My kingdom and make sure it is successful. You should always know that I need you, for people must carry out what I deem to be good and successful, but due to people's free will I cannot work visibly Myself since it must be left up to people as to whether or not they want to accept the truth from Me which is offered to them by you. Nevertheless, they are in urgent need of this pure truth, and therefore I repeatedly try to attract faithful co-workers, and they can be assured of My Fatherly blessing ....



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