Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8674 15.11.1963

Calling upon the 'Holy Spirit' ....

You humans often call the 'Holy Spirit' that it may come upon you, and you are unaware of the fact that it is within you and only requires your free will so as to be able to speak to you .... The spirit is part of Me, it is inseparably connected with the Father-Spirit .... thus it is a divine spark which was added to your soul when it incarnated on this earth as a human being, in other words: you once emerged from Me as an emanation of love and therefore consist of the same fundamental substance as I Myself .... This substance solidified after your past apostasy from Me and you, who once had been full of life, became lifeless beings. For My strength of love permeated you and this strength was only able to be constantly active. However, since you rejected My strength of love it also left you incapable of any kind of activity. And you are still in this weak state when you enter the earth as a human being. In order that you will be able to accomplish the task given to you in your earthly life I radiate a spark of My eternal strength of love into every human heart, which thus is My share again .... You are alive with the once emanated strength and that means that you are in possession of vitality, that you can be active in an earthly way and therefore also comply with your task as a human being .... Your real task, however, is and remains your spiritualisation, the retransformation of your nature into its original state. And you can only accomplish this task if you change yourselves into love .... In order to be able to do that a spark of love has to be radiated into you first, since you, due to your past apostasy from Me, are completely without love. This spark of love is the emanation of Me Myself .... it is the emanation of My spirit into your soul which, however, only awakens you humans into life if you apply your will .... You all possess the spiritual spark, which is part of Me Myself, within you .... Hence it need not come to you anymore, it is inside of you but can only manifest itself if, through a life of love, you provide the possibility for it, because it will not impose itself and influence you against your will in any way .... Therefore you can at all times awaken the spirit in you but you will not be compelled to it.

When you pray for the Holy Spirit to come to you, you demonstrate your lack of knowledge regarding the right correlations, furthermore, you prove that you have a false concept of it, because you personify it to a certain extent and call upon it as an entity .... It is, however, My 'emanation', for I Myself Am the Holy Spirit of eternity, and I Am present to anyone who calls upon Me. However, you must never think that the spirit you call upon is separate from Me, and it will and cannot comply with your call as long as you do not shape yourselves into love, for even if My strength of love is unlimited it will never be able to radiate into a closed heart, and a heart remains unreceptive as long as it is unwilling to love .... since precisely due to the spiritual spark or spark of love it received from Me it is capable of loving .... Willingness to love, however, prompts the spirit to reveal itself to you, even if you don't call upon it expressly .... It is within you but will remain silent as long as you disregard love, because it is love itself and therefore can only speak to love. It is inseparably connected to the eternal Father-Spirit, and therefore enables 'My spirit' .... or the divine fire of love .... to flow into you humans in abundance and thus cause the spiritual spark to continuously educate you from within; for then divine light of love must also illuminate your hearts and that signifies brightest realisation, it signifies the receiving of knowledge which corresponds to the truth, because My spirit knows everything and can therefore only impart the pure truth to you. Therefore you can only ever pray that I Myself may be present to you, but this also requires you to shape yourselves to love, otherwise the Eternal Love cannot be present to you. You can therefore only pray to be granted the strength to fulfil My commandments, then you will always become aware of My presence, for with every work of love you draw Me close to you because I Am Love Itself .... And then I will also work through My spirit in you, as I have promised you ....



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