Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8712 31.12.1963

Spiritual low level ....
Lovelessness ....
Selfish love ....

The greatest evidence of humanity's spiritual low level is lovelessness, which is evident amongst people everywhere. Selfish love has steadily increased and hardly anyone is practicing neighbourly love anymore, hence there also has to be a profane state on earth, a state of activity by evil forces, where God's adversary always has the upper hand and people are his willing subjects. The spiritual darkness is getting increasingly worse, rays of light are only seldom recognisable and even frequently feigned by deceptive lights without strength of radiance .... Judging by people's degree of love the time of the end has clearly arrived ....

An obvious decline can be detected, people are firmly attached to matter, they only value their body and its comfort, earthly success and an increase of earthly commodities. They do not believe the fact that their souls are suffering extreme hardship since they do not believe in the soul's life after death, indeed, they frequently even deny having a soul. They cannot be forced into a different mode of thinking, their free will has to be respected, but accordingly they also prepare their own fate after their death.

And anyone who observes what is happening in the world, in his immediate neighbourhood, also knows that this state cannot continue forever because it is getting worse from day to day, because people's greed for matter continues to grow, because no spiritual aspiration can be noticed and because every situation will eventually come to an end if it does not correspond to divine order.

People no longer serve each other, everyone wants to rule instead and be served at the same time, everyone wants from the other what he enjoys but no-one is willing to do the same in return .... There is no love, people's hearts are hardened, and there are only ever a few people willing to help in times of need .... And this is the small flock, for once the will to love becomes active it will establish the bond with Eternal Love. And This will not leave a person again, who voluntarily performs labours of love.

You humans do not know the blessings of loving deeds .... you do not know how much easier you could travel your earthly path if only you would practice love and thereby receive consistently more for your soul, but also receive what you need for earthly life. But heartless humanity lacks this knowledge, everyone just looks after himself, and everyone tries to get whatever he can out of life and forgets that his hour of death is unknown to him, that he can pass away at any time and take nothing he owns into the beyond, but that he will arrive bare and miserable on the other side. For he has nothing to show for his soul which he had starved in earthly life but which is all he has left now and which enters the spiritual kingdom in desperate poverty. And this heartless state of people cannot result in the slightest spiritual progress. However, since the soul only lives on earth as a human being for the purpose of maturing, but this purpose is not fulfilled, a powerful intervention by God has to take place, a sharp reprimand and reminder, so that a few people will reconsider the purpose of their earthly life and change themselves before the earth's last stage begins which will not last long until the end.

People take no notice of God's gentle voice through strokes of fate, disasters and all kinds of accidents, through the Word of God from above, and thus they have to be spoken to with a louder voice, and blessed, who wants to hear God's voice and takes it to heart, for even then there will be many people who don't want to recognise Him when he speaks to them through the elements of nature with tremendous strength .... They, too, will not be forced but able to make a decision of free will, nevertheless they will be spared the worst, the recurrent banishment into hard matter, if they still find and take the path to God, if they still acknowledge Him and call upon Him for mercy ....

But then the end will have come, for the earth will no longer fulfil its purpose, it will no longer be used by the souls as a place to mature, it will merely be utilized for the body, and everyone will elevate himself to a ruler of the world and cause the greatest destructions himself in the belief to control all laws of nature and thus also to experiment with impunity, which then will lead to the final destruction of earth.

But this is what people themselves want, and thus it will come to pass as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture: a new heaven and a new earth will arise and divine order will be re-established, so that the return of the souls to God can continue, as it is intended in His eternal plan of Salvation ....



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