Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8784 19.03.1964

No beatitude without Salvation through Jesus Christ ....

You humans should bear in mind that I want to help you attain the degree of maturity in earthly life which enables you to enter the kingdom of light after you pass away from this earth .... Indeed, sooner or later you will all enter this kingdom, yet the time it will take until then can still cause you inconceivable pain if you enter the realm of the beyond in an entirely unspiritual state and the gates into the realm of light are still closed to you. Although My mercy and grace apply to every single soul even if they lived a sinful life on earth, I cannot provide it with anything else than that which My justice permits, consequently, in the spiritual realm it can only ever take possession of spheres which correspond to its way of life and will still have to endure inconceivable suffering and agony in order to redeem its guilt of sin. And if it fails to find Jesus Christ in the beyond, its suffering will be endless; it will continue to descend further and will finally have to accept the fate of renewed banishment, because there is no other atonement for the original sin than through Jesus Christ. None of you realise the full significance of the act of Salvation .... And precisely this accounts for your immense spiritual hardship .... I want to help My living creations to find the path to the cross while they still live on earth, for this will guarantee the soul an entirely different fate .... For to attain forgiveness of the sin of guilt before the human being's death is the most worthwhile goal to strive for .... as it opens the gate into the kingdom of light and the soul will be able to enjoy beatitudes in abundance .... However, the human race is not aware of the immense significance the act of Salvation holds and My adversary makes a diligent effort to keep you ignorant .... And even if people believe that the man Jesus had lived on earth in the past, exemplifying to people the most perfect way of life and calling upon them to emulate Him, they still don't want to believe that an exalted mission had been the reason for Jesus' life on earth .... They don't want to believe that it concerned an act of greatest mercy, that Jesus, through His crucifixion, wanted to redeem and indeed redeemed an immense sin, which could not be expiated by any other means than through an act of greater than great love and an inordinate measure of physical suffering .... which thus bridged the vast gulf between the kingdom of light and the realm of darkness. From then on everyone was able to cross this bridge providing he believes in Jesus Christ's act of Salvation as well as My human manifestation in Him. This human manifestation is another enigma which can only be understood by a spiritually awakened person, because people's state of sinfulness rules out all understanding for it, thus a person must first have an affirmative attitude towards Jesus' act of Salvation, appeal for forgiveness of his sin and in heartfelt contact with Him be taught by the spirit within, which can only express itself after the forgiveness of the original sin has taken place .... In that case My human manifestation in Jesus will be understandable to him, for he can be guided by the spirit into all truth and informed of all spiritual correlations .... Hence he can attain the realisation again which he once lost through his rebellion against Me. He will only gain the knowledge of all these correlations through his spirit. This knowledge can nevertheless be presented to a person, and if he received a truthful account about Jesus Christ, His act of Salvation and My human manifestation in Him, then the truth can also convince a person and make him take the same path, the path to the cross .... And he will better understand what he previously was merely told by an enlightened fellow human being. This is why I consider the spreading of the pure truth so important. It is, after all, My will that this truth shall also reach people who live a good way of life but who do not believe as yet, who will subsequently feel addressed by the truth and affected by the strength of truth and thus can also attain faith.

If you humans realised how much you could improve your fate on entering the kingdom of the beyond if you were redeemed from you guilt of sin by Jesus Christ, you would also grasp why I keep highlighting this problem, why I repeatedly explain the spiritual correlations and try to stimulate your intellect to think about it; for merely the slightest will to fulfil your purpose of life on earth is already sufficient for Me to guide you and create every opportunity for you to gain realisation .... And the final knowledge, especially, can only be granted to you through the working of My spirit, for under My adversary's influence people will always want to negate the most important thing: the Salvation from all guilt through Jesus Christ .... They certainly make concessions by admitting to His existence and also portray Him as a human being who attained highest perfection in His earthly life. Yet they do not want to believe that it concerns an entirely different problem .... that without Him the human race would forever remain separated from its God and Creator and that the souls' development in the beyond could not progress, instead they will remain in a sorry state as long as they are burdened by the original sin. Therefore they lead a wretched and pitiful existence until they find the divine Redeemer on the other side, until they comply with the light beings' efforts and without resistance allow themselves to be guided to Him, Who will lift them up from the abyss and forgive their guilt of sin as soon as they appeal to Him for it .... Thus they must first believe that Jesus Christ redeemed the human race through His act of mercy, through His death on the cross. Only this substantiates Jesus' mission on earth, but not purely His way of life .... which certainly is part of it, since no person can become blessed without love, and the teaching of love was the essence of every one of the instructions He gave to people, who He wanted to save from spiritual darkness, from the shackles of the prince of night.

People lived in profound ignorance, they did not recognise themselves as living creations of a supremely perfect Being, they did not notice their imperfection and only loved their own Self, and their selfish love impelled them into sinfulness, into sins they might well have been able to atone for in the beyond, even if it had meant an infinitely long time of suffering .... Yet these sins were not the reason for My descent to earth in the human being Jesus .... instead, it concerned the immense original sin of the past apostasy from Me, which no human being would have been able to atone for, even if he spent eternities in a wretched state .... This sin was the reason why I Myself came down to earth and accomplished the act of Salvation in Jesus, the man .... For Love Itself redeemed the guilt, and the Love was in the man Jesus .... Time and again I will inform you humans of this through My spirit, time and again I will try to explain to you the greatest mystery of all, and I will send out My disciples during the last days in order to proclaim the truth about Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of the world, Who sheltered Me Myself within Him and He and I are, and will remain, as One for all eternity ....



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