Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8788 23.03.1964

God's adversary in disguise as an angel of light ....

So often the adversary will still get in your way when you want to reach Me, and he will try to divert you from the right path by using all means to achieve this end. But believe that I will not leave anyone without the strength to resist who keeps his eyes firmly focussed on Me. Yet he will spread much error and will not slow down in undermining the pure truth either. And he will always try to express himself in the same way as My messengers are active on earth .... He will shroud himself in the garment of an angel of light to divert people from the right track, for although he seemingly speaks on My behalf he does not voice My Word but influences the people following him to preach their own thoughts as My Word which he, however, has twisted in order to confuse people and make it unsuitable for scrutiny.

You don't know his cunning and trickery; you don't know how he proceeds just to lead people astray. And yet he has many followers, because people want to experience the unusual and are therefore not receptive for the simple and plain Word that originates from Me. And an element of selfish love is also still too strong amongst those who want to serve Me, and this selfish love allows My adversary to intervene, he presents himself as Lord and therefore will be acknowledged by them, because selfish love signifies darkness of spirit, so that they will never be able to differentiate between truth and error .... And he often succeeds in grooming an enslaved living creation and indoctrinating it with much error which then will be unhesitatingly accepted as truth ....

And yet you humans don't have to fall prey to him if you have a strong desire for truth .... if you examine everything with the sincere wish that I shall illuminate your spirit enabling you to separate lies from truth and learn to distinguish between them. Then realisation will suddenly hit you and you will reject everything wrong without hesitation .... You will recognise the adversary and take refuge with Me to give you strength and help to resist. You just have to very sincerely want to live in the only truth, and truly, My adversary will no longer be able to deceive you .... You will see through him and also recognise his instruments, regardless of how well they disguise themselves by wanting to appear as messengers of light .... True light only shines forth from Me and those who desire the true light .... the pure truth. However, a false prophet will always walk close to a true prophet, error will always go side by side with the truth, and the darkness will try to obscure or extinguish the light, and thereby you will also recognise the source of what you are given by a 'prophet' .... When I convey My Word to earth everyone receiving it will avail himself of it and recognise it as the Father's voice because his spirit is awakened .... Anyone recognising it as My Word will not accompany it with something inferior .... And if he does, he demonstrates that he does not recognise My Word, that he is unable to recognise the Father's voice and this also demonstrates his state of spirit .... Can there be anything more delectable than the fact that I speak to you humans Myself .... and if you feel that you are addressed by the Father, then you will not want to miss these very Words of His anymore, but then you will also be able to differentiate when apparently the same is offered to you .... You will miss the strength that flows from My Word, because I want to give you humans much needed strength ....

And therefore I will provide you with the right nourishment for your soul, I will administer the right medicine it needs to recover, and everyone will avail himself of it who has the grace to receive My directly spoken Word through messengers .... But he will be enlightened and detect every wrong current affecting him, because it comes forth from the adversary who is no longer his master if I Am already able to give the bread from heaven, the water of life, to a person ....

Yet My adversary, too, will not exclude you either and not let up fighting for those he fears to loose, he will move heaven and earth to disguise himself as an angel of light in order to draw people back into his domain who had already pulled away from him. Therefore beware and always appeal to Me to give you the strength to release yourselves from the one who is and will remain My adversary and your enemy for a long time to come ....



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