Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8802 15.05.1964

Warning against amendments .... I.

I will straighten what you have twisted, I will do everything possible in order to lighten your burden, for I do not want to leave you in adversity and constantly offer My help so that you can accomplish the work for Me. However, it is My concern that everything you receive from Me shall be repeated by you word-for-word, and I truly have My reasons for inducing you to do so .... because I do not want any identifiable human work in it, since I truly have the power at My disposal to present the contents so plausibly that every person can understand it. What you think you improve is a criticism of My Word, which is not up to you and should be refrained from. However, I Am aware of your will and thus also of the fact that you make such amendments with the best of intentions to serve Me. But then 'My Word' will not be the same as I offer it to people and as I also want it repeated .... that is, unchanged. For only the Word as it flows forth from Me has convincing strength. As soon as a person amends it, it is no longer My Word, since it did not emerge from Me in this way. And I certainly know who has not made changes arbitrarily, whose way of speaking complies with My will. Consequently, I was able to select him to accept the dictation according to My will, who had prepared his human shell as a receiving vessel for My spirit and enabled Me to 'reveal Myself to him' in a way I recognised to be right and expressed Myself such that it is understandable for everyone. For I spoke as I was able to speak since the recipient did not interpret it with his words, instead it came to him from Me in the form of a dictation. This is what you should take into account; you should not add or remove anything I dictated to him. I influenced the person in the form of dictation so that he cannot be regarded as the author of the thoughts, so that he often cannot grasp the written sentence intellectually but only understand it as a result of the succeeding sentence .... which is only possible by dictation. This is the obvious sign that it originated from Me, that one can speak of 'My Word'.



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