Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8805 25.05.1964

Warning against amendments .... II.

You should all be told not to apply any changes to My Word, which is offered to you from above. You need not worry, for I truly speak in a way that you can all understand providing you are spiritually-minded and want to understand. So many spiritual questions have been clarified to you and everything has been explained such that it was indeed possible for you to understand Me without the need for correction, and so you shall abide by this. If I guide you into truth, then you can also be certain that everything corresponds to truth, that I do not convey something to you that opposes the truth, and therefore you will not find any contradictions either. Yet then I also make the condition that you want to be free from all error .... and that you wholeheartedly appeal to Me for it. Then you will indeed be protected from error, you will know the purest truth and can also advocate it with conviction. Nevertheless, there are still many who want to be free from all error, who reject every teaching they haven't received from Me Myself and who are therefore not accessible to any instruction by outsiders either. For this reason I was only able to choose a person who was suitable for this work in My vineyard. His work will be safeguarded by Me and protected from all distortion, as long as the person's will is not opposed to Me. He cannot be forced by Me to work according to My will, either. And therefore I repeat time and again: 'Don't change My Word ....' For the Word I speak in the form of a dictation is My direct communication and I don't want you to change this Word according to your use of language, even if you have the best of intentions, for then it would contradict the hitherto defended declaration that it came to the person in form of a dictation which, however, cannot be disputed ....



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