Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8809 10.06.1964

God needs His servants, who offer to serve Him ....

Those of you who are in the vicinity of My sun of love will always be taken care of and need not fear that you will not receive anything, for I do not have many faithful labourers to whom I can reveal My will. And even if you must cope with much opposition, you can nevertheless only mature through them. For this much is certain, My adversary will constantly try to hunt you down, he will leave no stone unturned in order to prevent your work for Me, just as I will likewise increase your strength and want to work in you, according to My promise. Therefore, you will receive My Word for as long as you make yourselves available to Me .... For through My Word I give evidence of My presence, I enter into contact with you through My Word and, through My Word, My will is made known to you. Thus, present all your problems to Me in thought and I will answer you .... Ask Me and let yourselves be instructed, for large areas are still open to you which I want to make accessible to you, and that is only possible through My spirit. But My spirit never errs and you can accept and advocate what it tells you. My Word comes to you as a light from above; you need only accept it as a ray of light which wants to be taken in by you, and you will also feel the strength you receive with it. As a result of My Word you will mature in realisation, for the strength is not ineffective. If you establish contact with Me yourselves, you will experience the inner process that your spiritual spark unites itself with the Father-Spirit, that you become knowledgeable, for then you will consciously open yourselves to My divine influx and you can only receive good gifts from Me. But this is why My adversary will try to do everything in his power in order to cover the fount from which My living water flows forth, in order to make it unsuitable; nevertheless, he will not succeed, for I carefully watch over these people and push him away, so that he cannot cause havoc where I Myself Am present and want to express Myself. Even if he seemingly succeeds in incapacitating you, My bearers of light .... believe Me, I Am protecting you, for My will is stronger than his and what I want will happen .... For I still need you and you may rest assured that I will not dismiss you from My service, that I require your assistance and thus you will also receive My protection and My grace for as long as you live on earth. And therefore My blessing will always accompany your every undertaking, because I know that you do it for Me and solely want to serve Me.



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