Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8821 26.06.1964

Addressing the vineyard labourers ....
Urgency of spreading the Word ....

Every day you grant Me by undertaking spiritual work will be blessed, and your reward will truly not be small .... Yet you should not work for Me for the sake of reward, instead, your love for Me and your fellow human being should inwardly impel you to do so. You are unable to assess the immense spiritual adversity, but it is known to Me and I will guide you to wherever I still know there is a person who would be touched by receiving My Word so that you can inform them of My love, wisdom and power, of My longing for them and My constant willingness to help .... You should eagerly support Me, and even if only a few listen to you .... but each one of them will speak on My behalf and mention My Words again. For he will be knowledgeable, he will kindle a light within him and understand and will no longer want to miss My Word .... And these people will live in truth .... But they will also know that it is the truth which they receive from Me through you. For this reason only rarely will one of them fall away because they were serious about receiving the truth. But I do know where My pure Gospel can be conveyed to, who will accept it with a grateful heart .... And with My Word I Myself Am with everyone who receives it. Since I Myself will then be able to address him Myself through you, I can also answer every question they inwardly ask which will brightly enlighten their thinking and the origin of their mental knowledge, along with My Word, will become their innermost conviction .... they will no longer doubt and gratefully accept everything from My hand. And believe that no work will be done in vain .... for countless souls in the kingdom of the beyond can join in wherever My Word is read .... A circle of souls gathers around every person and they are all offered the bread of Heaven so that they will be able to nourish themselves with the food I Myself have in store for them. And thus you can also work in this kingdom where countless souls derive strength from this nourishment. Hence all those of you who take part in distributing these writings are doing redemptive work, and every labourer will receive his reward .... However, you must not tire, for the distribution of My Word will become increasingly more urgent the closer it gets to the end. And your task will become increasingly more difficult. As a result of the ever-increasing lack of faith .... fewer people will be willing to listen to you. Yet this should not dishearten you, for each individual soul is a gain for Me, therefore you should seek to attract them with all your love, try to deliver them from spiritual darkness and constantly request strength from Me. Truth can achieve a lot, no person can close himself to the truth .... providing he is still of good will, providing he still accepts Me and wants to know the truth about Me .... You are in possession of the truth from Me .... Distribute it wherever you can and don't let failures discourage you .... I want to bless you on earth already and later in eternity, where all work for Me will find its reward ....



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