Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8826 06.07.1964

Spiritual messages must profess Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world ....

Believe Me that I will not let you live in error if only you are willing to accept the pure truth. This is of utmost importance, especially at this time, because almost no-one thinks correctly anymore, because everything diverts from the truth no matter what people are teaching. And even if you can only impart My spiritual knowledge to a few .... it will shine like a light in a dark night, and people who are addressed by Me directly or through messengers will feel happy in its radiance. And thus few people live in this pure truth and they will also believe you. They will know that it could only have been received through the working of the spirit, that a direct connection exists from Me to you and that they can fully endorse the results. But contacts also exist to the spiritual world which you should regard with caution .... The human being's resolve to investigate supernatural things can easily put people at risk of receiving information from this supernatural world which will no longer enable them to make a distinction between truth and error.

And time and again I say to you: if you are not educated by My spirit, which will guide you into truth, then don't believe every spirit who speaks to you .... I indicated to you in the Book of Books that I will reveal Myself to you .... I told you that you all have to be educated by God, Who will then guarantee you the purest truth! But where is it written that I will choose different paths in order to convey the pure truth to you? Even if I let you take the path via spiritual beings who are meant to convince you of the immortality of your soul, they, too, will time and again refer you to the working of My spirit in the human being and first try to motivate you into establishing a heartfelt bond with Me, so that your God and Father Himself will be able to teach you .... And He will guide you into truth .... As to whether this will subsequently happen directly or through His messengers of light does not affect the knowledge which I impart to you Myself. And there is always a danger if instructions from the world of the beyond are given to you which are impossible for you to confirm, for this world is still governed by My adversary who tries to spread error to the same extent, wherever it is possible for him .... And you cannot apply any other guideline but the attitude demonstrated by this spirit towards Jesus Christ. You can give credence to those who profess Him as Redeemer of the world, in Whom I embodied Myself, in which case you are being addressed by one of My appointed servants from the kingdom of the beyond whom I will then send to you if you are still unaware of the 'working of My spirit within the human being' .... But he will undeniably inform you of it, so that you can enter into contact with Me with an awakened spirit in order to be further instructed by Me.

If such a circle has therefore come together with the sincere desire for truth, then people will also be taught by guides from the beyond, yet first of all they will be presented with Jesus Christ's act of Salvation, He Himself will be described as 'God of eternity' and then you will also recognise this spirit as a bearer of truth and comply with its instruction to consciously establish contact with Me. I would definitely not place an aversion against these 'spiritual guides' into the heart of those of you .... who want to be My Own .... if they worked in accordance with My will too, if they did not spread error. There is such intense counter activity apparent, but it will only ever affect those who do not harbour the strong desire for truth in them, who are content with a communication from the spiritual world but who do not think of the One Who accomplished the salvation sacrifice on your behalf and they therefore can also be misled. If only all of you would believe in Him, in His crucifixion and My human manifestation in Him, then your thinking would be enlightened and nothing wrong would be able to come to you from the beyond. But, instead, people content themselves with wrong reports which are of no value to them.

What I ask of people consists of just a few words: Love for Me and for their neighbour .... For then they will awaken their spirit to life, then they will sincerely unite with Me, and then I will also be able to guide them into more profound knowledge .... into the knowledge of their origin and apostasy from Me, into the knowledge of My plan of return. And then the realisation they had lost due to their sin of apostasy will be revealed to them .... They will discover the great error which is prevalent in the world and its correction which, however, can only be received if I Am able to express Myself through the spirit .... Hence you should first strive to awaken the life of the spirit, and it will guide you into truth .... rivers of living water will flow out of your belly .... you will all be taught by God and all the promises will fulfil themselves, which will remain incomprehensible to you as long as you are spiritually still unawakened ....



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