Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8855 19.09.1964

Importance of the missionary work ....
Making use of the knowledge ....

Time and again you need to be told that your task solely consists of searching for Me so that I can let Myself be found by you, because I want to be the object of your love, and what you search for is what you desire, what you love .... I only want to gain your love and then you will have accomplished your purpose in life. Then I will be able to return your lost realisation to you while you are still on earth and you will enter an enlightened state, all darkness will have been overcome, you can let all abilities in you break through again, your earthly life will result in visible progress because you will have established a heartfelt bond with Me which gives you light and strength in abundance. And if you are therefore instructed by Me Myself about your original state, about the purpose and goal of earthly life, you need not fear any decline anymore, for this realisation will stay with you forever. Your only task remains to let your fellow human beings partake in this realisation of yours, even though it is up to them whether or not they want to accept this. You, however, possess the knowledge, and this can no longer be taken away from you .... However, as long as you still live on earth you must also make use of this knowledge, you cannot use it just for yourselves, it is connected to the task of passing this knowledge on to your fellow human beings who are still completely ignorant and who will react to it entirely differently. That which seems perfectly natural to you is incomprehensible to them as long as they are not seekers themselves and have an open ear for your disclosures. So this is the work you should do for Me, because it is My will that a bright light shall shine in all places, because I want to counteract My enemy and because I want you to participate in this battle. For he has done an excellent job by covering humanity with impenetrable darkness .... he has done everything in his power in order to undermine the pure truth from Me. And he has succeeded, for only a few people know their purpose in earthly life, only a few people keep My two commandments which I gave people as a basic prerequisite in order to gain the knowledge again. Love is indeed necessary in order to understand the offered information, without love it will remain dark in them, and without love they cannot establish contact with Me which would give an understanding of the knowledge to them. And therefore I can only ever tell you again: inform people of My commandments of love and, depending on their attitude towards them, the knowledge they are offered will either appeal to them or not. But you must not fail to constantly draw their attention to My love and explain to them that I do not implement anything which is not based on My love .... For people cannot understand that all kinds of misfortunes shall only ever impel them to turn to Me, to appeal to Me for advice and help, and I will truly help them as well, but this cannot happen if they don't believe in Me .... Hence you must teach them to believe in a God of love, wisdom and power .... Once they have gained this faith they will take the path to Me by themselves, and then your help will become evident, then they will also accept the knowledge and it will bring them peace and joy, just as you yourselves have received. I want to draw close to all people, I want to lead all people to the light, each one of them is dear to Me and I want to gain their love. Nevertheless, My adversary's activity will continue until the end and he will still win many victims for himself. For this reason you should class yourselves as My fighters who fight by My side for the salvation of souls. Even if only a few listen to you, every single soul is a gain for Me and it will be eternally grateful to you that you protected it from the fate of a renewed banishment. Always listen to what I have to say to you and don't think that I don't require your help .... I Am always willing to speak to you and to constantly increase your knowledge, and thus I want to continue instructing you because I still have much to say .... The time is approaching its end and you cannot be nourished often enough with My Word, for with My Word you also constantly receive strength, which is urgently needed by all of you for the work in My vineyard ....



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