Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8877 30.10.1964

Spoilt spiritual knowledge has to be corrected ....

You humans will not succeed in refuting the pure truth, you can always rely on what you received through My spirit. For even if the Word was mentally transmitted to you it is and will always remain My Word which you would be unable to hear had you not first shaped yourselves such that 'My spirit' can pour into you. For then your thoughts will be guided by Me as well, you will be unable to have wrong thoughts if you hand yourselves over to Me first and appeal to Me to receive the truth .... However, it is a different situation if a person does not fulfil the prerequisites which allow the working of My spirit within him .... In that case he cannot be certain as to whether his thinking is misguided, as to whether his thoughts are going astray. Thus it is essential for you humans to check first as to if and to what extent one can speak of spiritual activity .... which can be easily established when hitherto unknown knowledge was conveyed to a person .... knowledge which reveals the secrets of creation and explains the meaning and purpose of his earthly existence to him ....

If, however, this information was gained from books .... if a person studies existing spiritual knowledge .... if he thus analyses knowledge, he cannot claim to be 'filled by My spirit'. His thinking can certainly be correct if he had acquired the necessary prerequisites, but then the spiritual knowledge, which came to earth through the working of My spirit, will not be changed either. But if such changes had taken place and I correct them Myself, then time and again the question has to be asked 'Who is enlightened by God's spirit?' I don't educate bearers of truth for Myself without imparting the pure truth to them. And once I called someone to stand up for the truth I also gave him the task of accepting knowledge from Me and of considering himself a recipient of the pure truth. For I truly know where error has crept in and will always correct a misguided teaching. Yet one thing is certain .... My adversary has succeeded in plunging you back into darkness, he has succeeded in deceiving you .... who believe to live in truth because you accepted it from one of My devoted servants .... and to present his own ideas to you which you now eagerly advocate and thereby make it difficult for Me to bring you the pure truth again ....

Error will not lead you to the goal .... and if you do not wholeheartedly desire the truth you will not be able to detach yourselves from erroneous thoughts either. Your vision is clouded, it did not remain a matter of the simple spreading of My Word through a spiritually awakened servant .... so many unenlightened co-workers played a part in it. They wilfully added explanations or changed the original text and thereby did not help but harm the work .... And due to their free will I was unable to prevent them from doing so. The simple, clear Word which was intended to make people happy lost its value as soon as people started to change the original texts and brought them into line with common linguistic usage .... You humans should take the length of time into consideration and the fact that My adversary's work during the last days will always relate to the amendment of My Word. Consider that he avails himself of the worldly spirit in order to captivate people .... consider that only the spiritually awakened were able to guard this knowledge and that protection from above was only guaranteed to these servants .... who would then have kept to the truth .... but that no such guarantee existed with worldly co-workers who therefore still had worldly interests and also turned these new revelations into a 'worldly issue'.

This is why I always chose people who had withdrawn from the world to whom I could reveal Myself, because rising above the world is the fundamental requirement in order to be able to convey My revelations to earth. And they never had to worry about their earthly needs. If a person is so devoted to Me that he supports the spreading of these revelations they will be his last resort as a source of income because he knows that I take care of him Myself .... And as long as a 'vessel of My spirit' has this attitude it will also distribute purest truth, for since it is spiritually awake itself it will reject every misguided teaching .... Yet how long will spiritual knowledge stay pure once it passes through human hands again which are not as pure and as willing to serve Me? Therefore I have to pour My spirit time and again into a clean vessel so that errors are exposed which I have to correct again. And if I now tell you that even the Book of Books is no longer pure and unadulterated you can also count on the fact that new revelations will not stay so pure that they would not need any correction. And if the error consists of the fact that My perfection is questionable, then My adversary's influence can be clearly recognised who, in the last days, will make every effort to stifle people's love for Me, which alone unites you with Me now and forever ....



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