Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8883 18.11.1964

Regarding the question of the origin of evil ....

No matter what might weigh you down .... bring all your worries to Me, for only I can help you and I will help you, as soon as you entrust yourselves to Me. However, I expect a firm faith of you in the truth of what you hear through My spirit. For only your strength of faith enables your unreserved trust that I cannot offer you anything but the pure truth .... But once you have recognised the truth it is also your duty to distribute it, for nothing is more dangerous than to tolerate an error which will inevitably result in an even greater error. For error is used by the adversary to draw you into darkness .... But it is My will that the pure truth shall prevail and I therefore only ever instruct My messengers to stand up for this recognised truth in order to eradicate every error, for only truth leads to perfection .... And the truth is and will remain that you all emerged from My love .... and therefore also in all perfection .... but that you left the order and thereby became sinful .... Time and time again I say to you that My adversary .... who, as My image, was once externalised as a highest spirit of light .... on account of his apostasy from Me brought sin into the world in the first place, that therefore Lucifer, as My image, was endowed with the same creative power and by virtue of this gave birth to sin, that it did not exist in any being before and that it is therefore utterly erroneous that I Myself include many opposites .... In that case I would not be perfect and would never have been able to create perfect beings either. Just as My inherent qualities were only good, only divine, just as love was the first principle .... Lucifer had evil in him after his fall into sin. His whole nature turned around, he became fundamentally evil and was driven by hatred, his nature was pure falsehood and the complete opposite of truth .... You can never ever assume that untruth and truth, darkness and light, hatred and love .... thus every opposing quality, are in Me, for this would not correspond to a perfect Being Whose fundamental substance is love .... Indeed, all of these characteristics cling to the human being but these are the consequences of rejecting My strength of love .... If I create a perfect being then it means that it completely moves within My eternal order, and it would never have had to revoke this order either. But a second power was at work which used its power negatively to the same extent and also transferred this negative strength onto the beings which fell away .... which thus rejected My illumination of love and thereby acknowledged this power which transferred all evil characteristics upon these beings. These were all the after-effects of the apostasy from Me for which Lucifer is responsible, since no opposites exist in Me or I could not be called a God of love, if hatred was within Me already .... Nor would I be a God of truth if lies existed in Me at the same time ....

You humans must really think clearly, your statements do not correspond to the image that I Am and will remain a supremely perfect Being from eternity to eternity Which was able to work and create in all perfection, Which shelters no imperfections, Whose love will never end and will also include the fallen beings for all eternity. The fact that My likewise powerful adversary would so abuse his power in order to create a world which conflicted with the world of the pure spirits was indeed possible, because his free will aspired towards all characteristics which contradicted My perfect nature and then he transferred these characteristics upon the host of fallen spirits. Consequently, where I Am pure truth he opposes it with untruth .... Where I grant love he brings forth hatred .... Where I provide light he spreads darkness. He changes all noble characteristics embodied in the Divine into evil ones, and the more the beings rejected My illumination of love the stronger became his influence. Everything evil emerged from him and humanity is more or less afflicted by his ingrained failings, the whole earthly world is a world of opposition to Me but which one day will be broken by My infinite love .... For you ought to know that Lucifer was once the most blissfully happy being, created in all perfection and also remained in this bliss for an infinitely long time .... but that he, by rejecting the strength of love, created evil himself by virtue of his power and became My direct opposite .... And all those who followed him adopted the evil characteristics and opposed Me. For the rejection of My strength of love resulted in their solidification, so that they had to be reshaped as Creation and must cover the infinitely long process through the creations in order to then fight as a human being against all ungodly characteristics which Lucifer transferred upon the fallen beings .... And now it depends on whether they will accept the illumination of love of their own free will again, for My love is omnipotent and one day it will achieve a situation in which every being opens itself and desires My love, but then it will also be a most blissfully happy being which has reached the goal of having become My child and will never leave Me again, it will have joined Me again and will be as perfect as it was in the beginning.



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