Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8887 25.11.1964

When and why did the perfect beings become imperfect? ....

Everything that came forth from Me had to be perfect because I was simply incapable of creating something imperfect, since My love, wisdom and power would not allow for any flaws in the creations which My will externalised from Me .... This, therefore, happened 'in the beginning' .... when it pleased Me to create a being for Myself and endowed it with the same creative power in order to provide this being with the pleasure of externalising similar beings through its will and with the use of My strength .... But to deny Me this perfection is only possible for those people who are in a state of imperfection themselves, who, due to their intellectual limitation, cannot imagine that, in a state of perfection, it would be impossible to create something imperfect. However, if only perfection could have come forth from Me, when did the perfect beings change to become imperfect? This question is difficult and yet, at the same time, also easy to answer .... The fact that My supremely perfect creation was able to change itself into the opposite will forever remain incomprehensible to you .... but the fact that free will allowed for distancing itself from divine order must be understandable to you. For free will was able to leave the divine order, it was able to revoke the divine order, hence it was able to turn the initially perfect being into the opposite, into a state of ungodliness which totally contradicted My perfect nature. And My first-created spirit, having been endowed with the same creative power, created this state for itself by virtue of its faculty of thought .... In My perfection I was unable to harbour a wrong thought .... but he was able to do so because he had free will and used it wrongly. Thinking wrongly would have been impossible for Me, but it was possible for him due to his thinking ability which was otherwise inclined on account of his free will .... As human beings your thinking is limited, you try to find your own explanation in My nature that evil also came from Me but you fail to consider that the fall of the spirits would have to be attributable to Me Myself had I not externalised the beings in a perfect state .... But you do not want to accept the fact that you can thank him for the apostasy, instead, you try to blame the most supremely perfect Being Which truly could only have created you such as it was possible: in highest perfection .... The fact that you want to see all opposing qualities embedded in Me as well is only the evidence that My fundamental nature is alien to you. I certainly know what is in opposition to Me, because I was able to observe My adversary's wrong thinking and was aware that his sin consisted of the fact that he rebelled against Me, that he begrudged Me My strength and thus slowly grew to hate Me .... And I also knew where his attitude would take him, but I did not stop his fall, nor the beings who wanted to follow him .... even though they also emerged from Me in all perfection. But since I had furnished the beings with free will I could not deny them accepting the thoughts of the one who secretly opposed Me, and these thoughts also led to the beings' fall, since he transferred all thoughts of hatred onto them which caused their apostasy. They rebelled against Me, no longer recognised Me and rejected My strength of love. But how wrong it is, wanting to see all opposing qualities in Me, can be seen from the fact that you could doubt My love, which thus created you in My image, that you could doubt My wisdom, which thus supports your fall and that you could also doubt My omnipotence, which can only ever create highest perfection. Therefore I refute this doctrine as a misguided teaching which will always prevent you from recognising Me correctly in My fundamental nature and deny Me the love I desire from you ....




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