Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8900 25.12.1964

God's address to souls in the beyond ....

I want to speak to all those who want to hear Me, be it on earth or in the beyond, who should know that the Saviour came to earth for all people in order to redeem them. For none of you can become blissfully happy if you don't appeal to Me for forgiveness of your sin, and therefore you will first have to acknowledge Me as the Son of God, in Whom God Himself became a human being in order to accomplish this act of Salvation. You need to receive this knowledge while you are still on earth so that the gates to the kingdom of light can be opened for you .... If you enter the realm of the beyond still burdened by your guilt then you will need to learn over there why you should acknowledge Me in Jesus Christ, for without Him you will wander about in spiritual darkness, without Him you will be unable to see any light, without Him the gates to beatitude will remain closed for you. Compared to eternity your existence on earth is but short, and yet this time fully suffices for you to attain the light of realisation, nevertheless, you have to believe and the belief, in turn, depends on love, then you will easily gain the knowledge of why you must acknowledge Jesus Christ, you will learn to understand the reason and significance of His act of Salvation and then enter the kingdom of the beyond brightly enlightened .... Yet you humans lack love as well as faith with the result that only ever a few are able to enter the kingdom of light, whereas the gate remains closed to the others until they have recognised and accepted Him, until they turn to Him for the forgiveness of their sin, which is weighing them down and prevents them from ascending. Listen to Me, I Am bringing you the joyful good news that not one of you is lost as yet, but I must demand your faith in Me and My act of Salvation if you ever want to attain the feat of beholding the vision of God .... Listen to Me when I tell you that you once were created beings which fell away from Me but which shall return to Me again as long as you don't resist it, in which case My adversary will have no more power over you .... I came to earth in order to break his power .... and to pay the purchase price for your souls, since you once followed him of your own free will. My greater than great love defeated the adversary, and all of you shall derive the benefit from My act of Salvation .... But you yourselves must want to belong to those for whom I sacrificed My life on the cross, for I cannot redeem you against your will from his slavery, since he has the same right to you because you once followed him voluntarily.

However, you are able to release yourselves, and time and again I try to inform you of how very significant My act of Salvation is for all of you, that you have to believe in it and that you can release yourselves from the darkness in which you humans on earth as well as you souls in the beyond find yourselves in .... And you will become enlightened; just spend some time thinking about the greatest benefactor the earth has ever carried .... Consider Him and don't reject Him, for He alone can bring you deliverance, He alone takes your guilt of sin upon Himself if you appeal to Him for it .... Yet without Him you will never ever find redemption .... For even if My love for you never changes, it nevertheless cannot accept you in the kingdom of light and bliss if you are burdened by sin, because righteousness likewise belongs to perfection and this must first be satisfied in order to establish the law of eternal order again, in which every being has to exist if it wants to unite itself with Me again for eternity .... Therefore, ponder all these thought in your heart and let yourselves be taught and enlightened .... Don't walk past a source from which you can draw a refreshing drink .... Listen to what I want to say to all those who are not unwilling to pay attention, and desire more information .... and every question that moves you will be answered. Only do not reject Me, Who alone can bring you salvation, Who can change your present state into an exceedingly happy one if only you acknowledge Me Myself as the Redeemer of the world Who died for your sins too .... For I do not want you to remain wretched, it is not My will that you should suffer, I want to give you eternal life which you can never ever lose again .... However, I cannot revoke My law of eternal order, which requires you to acknowledge Me Myself in Jesus, because your past sin consisted of the fact that you denied Me this acknowledgment, and that you must therefore completely voluntarily profess Me again, Who became a visible God for you in the human being Jesus .... and Who will remain so for all eternity ....




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