Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8917 24.01.1965

God's Word intends to attract people's love ....

You, who continuously receive the gifts of My grace and thereby constantly enjoy the evidence of My presence, possess an abundance of wealth which cannot be taken away from you again. You are guided into extraordinary knowledge which no one can refute, for such knowledge can only be given to you by the One Who knows everything, but Who wants to impart it to every person who sincerely desires it and appeals to Me for it. And the fact that I know far more than you are capable of comprehending shall only encourage you to become ever more mature in soul, for you will be immeasurably happy the deeper you penetrate My eternal plan of Salvation, the more information is given to you about My reign and activity .... And all the possessions of the world will not be able to tempt you anymore once you have penetrated the secrets of creation and can understand all happenings. For then you will have attained the state of realisation again, then you will be enlightened and approach the original state again, in which you were profusely happy.

Then your existence as a human being will soon come to an end, you will be able to discard your physical shell and return into My kingdom which is your true home .... Therefore strive to increase your maturity of soul, don't tire in your endeavours but believe that unimaginable splendours are waiting for you in My kingdom which is not of this world .... Your endeavour shall be to join Me forever more, not to exclude Me from your thoughts any longer, I want to be with you and be able to illuminate you with My love again, with the result that you will become enlightened and able to hear My voice clearly and distinctly, so that you will no longer doubt that I Am speaking to you and teaching you ....

The fact that My love always and forever applies to you ought to be recognised by you in My seeking to attract your love .... I followed you into the abyss and helped you to ascend from the depth until you were able to embody yourselves as human beings. And even now My love will not cease, it grants you blessings in abundance and is always ready to help .... it appeals for your love by speaking to you and giving you strength, which you only need to use correctly in order to continue your ascent to the pinnacle, in order to finally be able to enter My kingdom. For My love wants to welcome you as My children, it wants to grant you supreme blissfulness, which you cannot possibly imagine. And by speaking to you I intend for you to become convinced of My presence so that you will then also respond to My love, that you will open your heart and let the ray of My love enter it, so that the unity with Me can take place in love, which is an integral part of bliss.

And you will eternally glorify Me, you will sing My praises and give thanks to Me forever, for then you will have become perfect again, as you were in the beginning, as your Father in Heaven is perfect ....



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