Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8962 13.04.1965

'Test the spirits whether they are of God ....'

The human being's will must remain free, it can neither be forced to accept nor to reject something, for this is the law of divine order. However, it will always be possible to recognise what you are offered through My great love and grace, therefore you should not rashly renounce something just because it exposes existing errors and provides you with a truthful explanation .... Consider that you are only offered something better, that you ought to let go of negative thoughts which give you a wrong image of Me .... consider that something is merely being corrected that cannot be reconciled with My perfection .... Furthermore, consider that it cannot be the work of an evil spirit which provides you with clarification about Jesus and His act of Salvation .... Also remember that nothing remains as unchanged as it once originated from Me, because no human being exists who is already perfect and that therefore every person can also err .... but that I, if an error has occurred, must always correct it again in order to guide you into the pure truth once more. If the explanations about Jesus Christ and His act of Salvation therefore make you humans realise that it can only be the working of a good spirit .... and if you are repeatedly informed of the fact that in the very beginning I externalised you in all perfection .... if I only ever describe the act of creation to you in a way that you need not doubt My perfection, then I also have had My reason for this, which consists of the great error far too many people have accepted by now .... Hence I had to refute it and choose a vessel for Myself, whose credibility can always be verified by you through the clarification about Jesus Christ and His act of Salvation, about the reason and significance of the same. And truly, only I Myself could have addressed you, only I Myself could have explained all correlations to you and provided you with the evidence that you are addressed by Me .... So why don't you want to accept the explanation about the error which, after all, is clearly self-evident? I do not contradict Myself, yet anyone can clearly recognise an obvious contradiction if he seriously thinks about My nature ....

But the offer of the pure truth also resolves other questions which necessarily had to follow an erroneous thought, such as these: Why did I make such an effort to lead the spirits, whose 'fall into sin' was (supposedly) caused by 'Me Myself', out of this wretched condition again? ..... And why would I want to lead you into perfection if I Am not perfect Myself, which is indicated by the fact that you look upon Me as being afflicted with human weaknesses .... a statement which never came forth from Me and must therefore be regarded as satanic influence. I cannot often enough oppose this misguided teaching .... that all opposites are inherent in Me .... but you have accepted it as a matter of fact precisely because, as human beings, you cannot conceive anything of perfection. The whole act of creation would have proceeded without love and wisdom, and yet, love and wisdom were the decisive factors .... However, it cannot be reconciled with My love and wisdom that I created My living creations with evil instincts, because in that case one cannot speak of a 'sin against Me', but this has occurred and consisted of the 'rejection of My strength of love' .... This sin is the reason why the being has to take the appalling process through the creations, and this sin will only be removed when the human being once again voluntarily desires My illumination. This sin of resisting My strength of love also resulted in spiritual darkness, during which the being was receptive for the evil characteristics My adversary had brought into being. Hence it reversed its nature into the opposite and must dispel all these evil characteristics during its earthly progress, and I will help it do so in every possible way. Yet the redemption of the immense sin of rejecting My strength of love necessitated Jesus Christ's act of Salvation .... It cannot be removed by the being itself because it took place in a state of brightest realisation, in a state of perfection, which should have stopped the being, but the sin had already been the adversary's influence who was the first to reject My love and, in this state, brought forth all evil and transferred it onto those beings which voluntarily surrendered to him and thus plunged into the abyss with him .... Of what use is it to you if I constantly speak of My infinite love for you, had it caused your fall in the past in the first place? This boundless love can only be possessed by a profoundly perfect Being, and this Being also endeavours to bestow upon you your former perfection again, which you had willingly given up. Consequently, I will repeatedly counteract misguided teachings in order to return your faith in My perfection so that I will gain all of your love as well, which shall restore the original state again in which you once emerged from Me ....



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