Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8990 06.06.1965

Various schools of thought ....
There is only one truth ....

In every school of thought you will find something that corresponds to truth, yet you will encounter far more misguided points of view and therefore you must examine everything and establish its origin .... not everything can be endorsed as truth. The vast number of existing different schools of thought all deviate from each other. And this alone should make you think, for there is only one truth and this originates from Me directly. Pure truth, however, will only ever be gained through the working of the spirit in the human being, for this reason it is imperative to establish first where My spirit was able to take effect and thus also has taken effect. Then the contents must concur with My direct message from above .... But who can claim to have the working of My spirit in him? Who has the guarantee that pure truth is received by him and conveyed to him? This question is clearly answered to you: Anyone who, without having any previous knowledge, attains knowledge from within himself about My eternal plan of Salvation, about the meaning and purpose of his existence, about My reign and activity throughout the whole of infinity, anyone who can substantiate everything and knows all correlations .... is enlightened by My spirit, and his knowledge corresponds to the full truth against which the contents of every spiritual movement must be examined, and every teaching which contradicts this knowledge can be rejected .... This certainly provides you with the opportunity to subject the knowledge you have attained until now to scrutiny, but who makes use of this indication in order to take possession of the pure truth himself?! Each school of thought refuses to let go of its own point of view, and thus a vast number of erroneous teachings were able to slip in through My adversary's influence, although every spiritual movement contains a grain of truth as well. However, they all agree not to accept anything which really is the truth! .... For precisely this process of the 'working of the spirit in the human being' is alien to all schools of thought, and so only rarely do people believe that I make Myself known to anyone who fulfils the conditions I attached to it. This condition requires the human being to live a life of love, because love unites him with Me and, as a result, I Myself can speak to him .... This condition could be met by any human being and he, too, would know the truth and think correctly. And all those who comply with My easy commandment will also be convinced that the truth is conveyed to them when they receive such gained knowledge through 'the working of the spirit'. Yet their number is small precisely because people lack love .... Consequently, being members of any kind of spiritual movement will not benefit you if you diligently advocate its teachings .... you are nevertheless spiritually dead for you do not recognise the truth, which alone can advance you on the path towards ascent .... And as long as you are unaware of the actual purpose of your earthly life, the knowledge you possess is wrong and can never lead you to higher spheres. This can only ever be achieved by love, which all of you can practise but are unwilling to do so because your selfish love is still too strong and thus the truth still remains inaccessible to you, i.e., you don't recognise it as such .... And you will live in error, just as you will enter the spiritual kingdom with this error, where it is far more difficult to release yourselves from it, for you will not accept the truth over there either, even if it is offered to you. It therefore always depends on your degree of love as to whether your thoughts come close to the truth, and this is why you need only ever be given the teaching of love so that your thoughts will be right, so that My spirit will be able to express itself in you, so that you will recognise and accept the pure truth which will assuredly guide you upwards towards your perfection .... For darkness will always fight against light, yet the world belongs to the prince of darkness and only the person who detaches himself from him can enter My kingdom. And I will truly help everyone to recognise Me and the truth ....



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