Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8991 07.06.1965

The doctrine of the soul's sleep ....

The fact that you are willing to support My Word, which is sent to you from above, gives Me reason to inform you of an error you have advocated up to now. It concerns the doctrine of the sleep of the soul, which gives you a completely wrong idea about the soul and its state when it enters the spiritual kingdom. This doctrine is substantiated by the assertion that there is no mention of an immortal soul anywhere in the Scriptures .... which, however, can be refuted with the Words 'Whosoever believes in Me will have eternal life ....' And sleep is a brother of death .... thus someone asleep will not be alive but dead, in the darkness of night he will fall into the state of death, consequently a life in eternity is out of the question. Those of you who depart from earth with this idea will be in dire straits, for you really lack all knowledge and will take a long time to gain a glimmer of understanding. In fact, you will depart from this earth in complete blindness and will receive only little light in the beyond, if you lived a life of love on earth.

But until you let go of this misguided teaching you will not know that you have died either, since you are still in the state of self-awareness, which is your consciousness of continued life. You merely believe that you were transported into different surroundings but will never be able to find rest .... the kind of rest you associate with the state of sleep. And so you will still live but not in a state of beatitude, rather, you will live in the confusion of thought which corresponds to the teachings you advocated on earth.

Everything that emerges from Me remains immortal for all eternity, but it can enter the kingdom of the beyond in a state of death. And all of you who spread this misguided teaching choose this state of death. You do not strive for the life that should be your destiny when you enter the spiritual kingdom. Because only this is the beginning of your life, providing you live a life of love and are able to let go of this misguided teaching. If you believe in a 'resurrection on the day of Judgment', when all who rest in their graves will be awakened, then it will also be your fate not to come to life until you realise the foolishness of this teaching. And your existence in the beyond will be the same, you will linger in an eternal state of inactivity, in a state of sleep, or you will find yourselves in a world you believe to be earth, which you left a long time ago.

Particularly you humans who advocate this misguided teaching, have no idea what anti-spirit you have accepted, and you will have to muster an enormous amount of love in order to suddenly recognise the reality of things. Consider yourselves fortunate if you leave someone behind on earth who will pray on your behalf, who will help you gain the right insight. However, your degree of love is always the decisive factor as to whether or not you recognise the truth in a flash when you pass away from earth. But since you do not believe in the 'immortality of soul' you do not believe in communications from the spiritual kingdom either, which would provide you with knowledge. And that is your disadvantage, because it would inform you of the constant ascent of souls who enter the spiritual kingdom, and you would reject this misguided teaching as satanic and only intended to prevent you from ascending in the beyond, which would soon result in the true life you are all meant to reach one day ....



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