Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 9005 30.6. - 1.7.1965

What would have happened if Adam had not failed? ....

Every spiritual question you ask Me will be answered by Me. But first of all you ought to know that it was not My will that you should experience such an extremely difficult earthly life. The time you spent in a constrained will .... in the law of compulsion .... would truly have sufficed Me, for this time was so appallingly long that it should have been enough for you to unite with Me again .... but that I had to demand the last test of will of you as self-aware beings .... as human beings. You were only meant to give yourselves to Me again voluntarily, and thereby you would have cancelled the immense sin of the past apostasy from Me .... You were meant to prove your love for Me, since you formerly resisted My illumination of love ....

For this reason the first human beings were created well, they were devoted to Me in love, for I had provided them with everything, I gave the earth to them as their own, I subordinated everything to them, they recognised Me as their God and Creator .... they were surrounded by magnificent works of My creative power .... they could take pleasure in them .... everything was only done so that they could sing their praises and give thanks to Me .... that they could offer Me burning love, and they themselves harboured no evil thoughts either .... Yet I also had to endow the first people with free will, since they had emerged from Me as original spirits, which are unthinkable without free will. And since they once had turned away from Me and voluntarily followed My adversary into the abyss, he had the same right to influence the first people, because their will had to make the decision again whether to follow Me or him .... And they failed this test of will, which they could have passed easily, and thereby they reawakened all evil instincts they had already overcome before their embodiment as human being .... After that, the first parents passed their character on to the following generations and it became ever more difficult for them to free themselves from the adversary's bondage.

However, if the first people would have passed their test of will, which had not been too difficult, I would have been satisfied with the infinitely long path they had travelled beforehand .... Successive human beings would have equally voluntarily given their love to Me, and then they just would have lived on earth to take pleasure in its creations .... They would only have exerted a good influence on all creations so that they, too, could embody themselves as human being. Earthly life would then have been a preliminary stage of eternal life, the opponent's power would have been broken, because the first human beings would have given themselves to Me entirely consciously and thereby would have excluded the adversary completely, who then could no longer use his power and soon would have given himself to My love as well .... Thus, the first people were only required to voluntarily accept My illumination again and the original sin would have been abolished, for only love was able to atone for this sin .... But now the sin was repeated .... and what previously had only applied to the constrained spiritual world in the creation now befell all of humanity ....

What the first people could have achieved with ease had they orientated their will correctly, now became infinitely difficult because all satanic attributes became entrenched in people and required immense strength to fight, which could no longer be mustered by people's will. Hence the act of Salvation by Jesus Christ, the spirit of light, became necessary, Who volunteered when He realised that the first people had failed, Who offered, voluntarily .... due to love .... to suffer and die on the cross in order to atone this now twice committed sin. I certainly knew from the start that this second fall into sin would take place but I did not want people to take such a painful path yet could not enslave people's will either. And since I know that I will regain all beings again one day .... since a thousand years are but a day for Me .... since it concerns eternal life in beatitude .... what you will also recognise one day .... (1.7.1965) you need not doubt that one day you will be free from those agonies, but then you, in utmost perfection, will also enjoy the glories which will make up for all past suffering and which cannot be compared to earthly concepts.

You should always know that I did not determine the unspeakable suffering which people thus caused for themselves since the fall into sin by the first human beings, that I truly gave the first human couple (the first human beings) every opportunity to make his/their free decision of will an easy one .... that I only gave him/them an easy commandment which he/they could have fulfilled .... if his/their love had been strong enough to decide to give himself/themselves to Me .... but that this heartfelt love would then also have seized all successive people so that they too would have been able to resist My adversary's every temptation. But the second fall happened and burdened all following people again until the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ descended to earth in order to openly fight My adversary. For he misused his power by driving people into ever further heartlessness weakening their will consistently, so that they were no longer able to liberate themselves without the act of Salvation but descended ever deeper into darkness. And I put a limit to this activity Myself .... I sent My Son to earth to save the people who wanted to be saved.

For, again, free will has to be willing to accept the blessings of the act of Salvation, because even this rescue mission cannot be done in opposition to people's will .... At first, passing through the earthly creations should have sufficed to take the test of will as a human being, since the agony in the state of compulsion had already matured every soul enough that it could easily have resisted the temptations, but the fall of the first people gave the opponent renewed power over all souls which he exploited in a frightening manner.

It was precisely for this reason why an original spirit was chosen as the first human being, who possessed all the necessary qualities to resist the adversary, but his decision could not be forced. His thoughts and actions had to remain completely independent, and now My adversary took care to turn this will towards himself which thus resulted in the new fall, whereby the sin of the spirits' apostasy from Me was repeated. Yet this right could not be denied to My adversary, because the past fall occurred in free will and they followed him into the abyss ....

Thus you cannot say that I wanted the repeated fall in order to put you into a state of immense suffering again, however, I could not prevent it, because it also took place in free will and one day this free will shall surely choose Me again. You are certain to emerge from this pitiful state eventually, because My love Itself has redeemed you when it embodied Itself in the man Jesus in order to fight your enemy and to take all souls which want to return to Me into their Father's house, into their true home, which they once left voluntarily. For My love belongs to you as before and all suffering will have come to an end as soon as you want to be free from the one who still keeps you in bondage, as soon as you long for Me again and thus give Me the right to take possession of you once more in order to never let go of you again ....



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