Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 9017 17.07.1965

Sincerely pursue the thought of redemption through Jesus ....

It is of great importance for you humans to know how very significant your earthly life is for you, and what task is expected of everyone, so that you use the short time well which you still live on earth, for one day you will have to be answerable for it .... Then you will consider the information about untimely things less significant, for you will gain this knowledge in an instant when your degree of love has reached the level which guarantees you true knowledge about everything. And thus you should only ever strive to raise your degree of love, so that brightest realisation will embrace you when you enter the kingdom of the beyond. Then you will also be able to understand the process of creation, for then you will no longer be subject to the law of space and time, you will be able to observe everything that has ever taken place for the sake of My living creations' return .... but then you will also know about the meaning and purpose of all My creations and nothing will be hidden from you anymore.

Thus you will also know that it was of utmost significance for you humans that I descended to earth Myself in order to accomplish the act of compassion in the human shell of Jesus, without which all your knowledge would be worthless, for then you would be eternally lost, even if you knew everything .... For only the information of My descent to earth, of My path to the cross and the sacrifice of atonement is needed by you to be delivered from the immense original sin, for the sake of which I let all of creation emerge. And if you then pursue the thought of redemption with all sincerity on earth, if you take your path to Me in Jesus, then this immense original sin will also be remitted to you, and My work of creation will become brightly and clearly visible to you, and what is still mysterious to you as human beings will resolve itself in a most amazing way. I only require your heartfelt bond with Me in order to be able to make you happy with My illumination of love which then, however, will also guarantee you complete insight regarding questions relating to all past occurrences. For nothing in My creation is without meaning and purpose, but you cannot always know the latter, especially if it concerns creations which are incomprehensible to you because you don't know their real function. But the fact that every work of creation has a destined purpose or it would not have been created by Me should be obvious to you as well, you just don't know what task every single work of creation has to accomplish, yet one day it will become plain and obvious to you.

For this reason you should first and foremost acquire the true information about the great act of compassion which I Myself accomplished in the human being Jesus, and try to become a partaker in the treasure of grace which I acquired as the human being Jesus on your behalf .... Then you will surely gain far deeper insight into all the secrets which My creation still conceals from you than you can attain through merely informing yourselves about all My creations .... For you only have to be free from your original sin in order to then also be able to brightly and clearly recognise everything, in order to be able to place yourselves retrospectively into all creations again, which is certainly possible for you in the state of perfection, yet only in order to increase your knowledge about the destined purpose of every external form. And you will blissfully behold these creations which served you to assist your higher development, and one day it will also be clear to you that every work of creation only ever testifies to My never-ending love for the fallen spirits, for only I know which external shape is suitable for the soul to reach full maturity. One day you, too, will be able to understand it, and this is why you should endeavour on earth to acquire a high degree of love and desire less information, for intellectual knowledge is not a substitute for a loving heart. But this, in turn, will reveal to you full knowledge when you have entered the kingdom of light and unresolved problems no longer exist for you ....



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