Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 9028 10.08.1965

Recalling the vineyard labourers ....
Continuing diligent activity ....

And if My plans differ from yours then you should also submit to them and know that it cannot be good otherwise .... For you are unable to observe what benefits the whole of humanity. It is of no significance to Me whether you influence people from the beyond or are still active here on earth, for My plan of Salvation has already taken everything into account, and only the decision of your will is important. Hence you can completely calmly hand yourselves over to Me and My providence just as long as it is your own will to serve Me and you totally give yourselves to Me; for then I will work through you Myself. And that I, in My wisdom, observe everything and make use of every opportunity to save erring souls is certain, because My love for you is infinite. The closer the end approaches the more obviously I will affect you so that you will remain faithful to Me and not lose yourselves to the one who is My adversary and wants to regain you. But I will never let this happen again because I completely own your will and only this gives Me the right to counteract him. Yet the angel of death will also reap amongst My Own .... but then you know that it is My will and that I will also protect everyone who still has the task to be of service to Me until the end. Therefore continue to be carefree and devote yourselves more than ever to the work for My kingdom, and work diligently, for none of you know whom I will recall before the time, and neither should you ponder on it but approach every day with a cheerful heart because whatever happens to you will be good and determined by My love.

And I also want to explain to you whom I mean by 'My Own' so that you will not worry, for some are already so close to Me that they can rightfully leave their earthly body in order to enter the kingdom of light and bliss .... Yet only I know this, and I want to spare them the time of the last battle on earth .... I will fetch them and bring them to a place where they will also be able to influence the inhabitants of earth. But you should not fear these last days, for I will provide you with extraordinary strength so that you will successfully complete the work which you consciously support, and therefore have become a great help for Me .... So accept whatever comes your way and don't think that you have been abandoned by the Father, for I know a way out of everything and I Am truly willing to let you find this solution, even if you temporarily feel hampered in your work. For I know how to weave the threads, I know My Own and will bring them together and designate their work to them. Yet always believe that your work is pleasing to Me for which I will compensate you one day .... either in the paradise of the new earth or in the kingdom of the beyond ....



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