Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 9030 17. - 23.8.1965

A warning not to change the Word of God ....

Yet all of you again and again stumble at the form, as to how My Word out of the height reaches you... This can be explained very simply, in that I make use of the marvellous (spiritual) grasp a person has, but must not be confused with general education, for I rarely find a person who is able to receive dictation of My Word, because with it comes the ability, thoughts that touch him, to grasp them lightning fast and to step by step write the dictation down... this however is not to be confused with the birth of once own thoughts... This could lead to the erroneous acceptance that it would be once own body of thought, what the individual received and now seeks to place as being spiritual. The persons mind at that moment does not work, but he rather hears it internally, what the Spirit out of God speaks to him .... It never will be incomprehensible for you, what you receive as My Word, if you read it with the necessary open-mindedness, which stipulates an understanding... And an alteration is in this respect not in place, because you people also change constantly in your form of expression, therefore one should leave My Word, how it was received. For the content attest to the divine exit, and after his ability to capture things the receiver hears My Word, also if a light spirit radiates it to the earth, for this cannot radiate unlike My Word ....

The dictation comes all the more clearly into being, the more intimate a person establishes the connection with Me, but he will never be incorrect, for where a mistake slips in by interference, there the recipient will soon be referred to, so that he himself can correct it. (Aug.23,1965) For just therein lies the danger that My Word is very easily exposed to such variations, because men according to his state of development wants to give it form, which is however absolutely inappropriate, for I know, how I can address each person in order to be understood by him. And the sense of My address is always understood, when only through the Love a certain degree of maturity has been reached, which is though not to be replaced by else kind of intelligible formulation. And the one thing you should always consider that in view of the near end My Word to you people is truly offered in such a manner, that you can without doubt accept it as truth, because I know, that only the truth alone means rescue for you people and that I do everything, in order to bring you the truth, however I would always warn you before hand, to undertake changes for yourself, even when this takes place with the best intentions...



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