I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0562    on  30.8.1938

Gift of speech



Truth and will ....

Words revealing the Divine truth will reach you without interruption, since you faithfully turn your thoughts to the heavenly Father and seek to fulfill His will.  But the gift to speak can be granted to you only at the time of your work .... i.e., when your knowledge is so great that you can distribute what you have received.  For the world will always talk back, and it requires a great gift of eloquence to be able to consequently meet it.  However, all doubt will disappear when every objection can be refuted, and to reach this maturity of knowledge requires much devotion and willpower, which you should constantly struggle and pray for ....

There will come days when a simple word of opposition can weaken your strength of faith, and then you will have to take refuge in your Savior all the more, and you will come out of such danger doubly strengthened.  Let love prove it's power there again .... Everything you do in love makes your power and your faith grow stronger.  And so the heavenly Father wants to approach a new time with all power through His servants and therefore only needs the good will to be truly ready to serve the Lord.  Then all the necessary conditions will be clear and understandable to the earthly child, he will recognize his task and will be able to turn to it without shyness.

All compulsion of the soul is eliminated, completely voluntarily the child turned to the Father .... in the will to serve Him, and completely free will be from then on also his acting on earth, because the will to serve, let him get everything he needed.  Because the will subordinated itself to the Divine will, and thus the earthly child is protected from wrong influence.

The further events will always be in accordance with the Divine will because the Spirit of God announces them to the people and he now directs all his steps himself, according to Divine will.  And so he only ever hears the instructions which God sends to him .... He thinks and acts according to the truth as long as the will is in him to serve the Godhead in truth and pure love.   The Lord's greatest grace is to communicate to an earthly being Himself, and in the full possession of such grace, truth can now truly exist in man .… And then the Divine will can also work through them unhindered, because the heart opens itself willingly to everything Divine and therefore remains permanently under Divine influence.

Often unimagined resistances arise on the one hand .... and energetic support on the other hand .... and this both from the spiritual world .... nevertheless the good spiritual forces, since likewise according to the will of God, will be able to express themselves unhindered, because the will of the human child demands truth and consciously turns away from all countercurrents.  The stronger the will strives to come closer to the Godhead, the more it passes into the human being .... and thus the Spirit of God unites more and more intimately with the soul .... and from this again the soul draws strength .....


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