I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0682    on  24.11.1938

Measures against writings

God's protection

Spiritual mercy sun ....

The more intimately your heart turns to the Savior, the closer He is to you with His love and grace.  And now, My child, follow My Words and give yourself unconditionally into My power: Do not fear the earthly measures directed against the spreading of these writings.  Consider that at any time this work is under My protection .... consider that I do not let something come into being, in order to let it then again fall prey to destruction.

The followers of the world do try to frighten you by decrees which punish in the strictest way whoever violates their commandments.  But these will bounce off of you without effect as long as My will does not allow that you are affected by it.  And I protect you and My Word and remark on this still the following: What has to happen with the writings, I will announce to you when there is danger for them.  But now they are still safe, and so only pay attention at any time to the regulations coming from outside.

The time of suffering of the people will become more and more visible, and the pressure through such decrees will not least contribute to it .... But I bless those who take refuge in Me in the midst of such hardship and tribulation .... Their lot will become easier and they will experience in themselves that they are safe at the Father's heart which beats towards them in hot love.  So do not let yourselves be distracted in your spiritual activity, start every work with God, and so you will also carry it out with God's help, because who calls on Me, has done no wrong request, if he entrusts himself to Me with full faith.  I am only waiting for your call to be able to help you, and who else should be able to give you help than I, your Father from eternity? ....

I still let the sun shine over you at any time and let the righteous as well as the unrighteous walk in it's light, I also want to be your spiritual sun in trouble and tribulation, at whose warming rays you shall recover from everything that oppresses you.  All resistance will be broken for eternity, if I only give you My love and grace once .... For then you will truly want nothing more than to dwell in My sun of grace forever .... only don't let yourselves be thrown off the right track once you have entered it.  Even if you have to struggle, your reward will be twice as great one day, and My love will make you happy for all eternity ....


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