I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0683    on  25.11.1938

Prayer in the name of Jesus

Trials needed to increase faith and strengthen willpower ....

You shall build yourselves up on the words of the Savior: Whatever you ask the Father in My name, that will be given to you.  And so this promise is the surest guarantee for you that you will not ask in vain in Jesus' name. Therefore begin: The will of the Lord often imposes trials on you, which are to serve you for the increase of faith and strengthening of your willpower.  You have to accept these as Godsent and must not waver.  For you will go through all trials in vain if they do not achieve their purpose.  You will only feel the fullness of life when nothing can shake your faith, when you accept joy and suffering as touchstones on the way up.

In the temptations, evil also roots the power of resistance .... and the right thinking will let you recognize the danger in time; only he who surrenders himself to all impulses willy-nilly, whether good or bad .... who does not steel his will, but lets everything pass over him, will draw little benefit from such tests.  And the earthly way will be easy for them, but will not fulfill the right purpose.  And so you should also be aware that only constant fighting can bring you victory and that a day without a fight, brings no progress .... that every event that hinders or burdens the body, is always only beneficial for the soul, if you meet them correctly.

For behold, the Father in heaven considers His children according to need, He knows where it is necessary to help every soul to advancement, while you earthly children cannot remotely see the necessity of such trials.  Let it be said to you that nothing happens without the will of the Lord and that you can very well meet all suffering with faithful trust in Him, so that it does not seem unbearable to you, because in the same measure as the Lord imposes such on you, He is also ready to help, if you only faithfully ask Him for it.  You should only not lose your bond with the heavenly Father, then life will be easy for you even in strokes of fate, which the Father Himself sends you to test your love for Him ....


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