I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0768    on  5.2.1939

(Continuation of No. 767) Spiritual blindness

Effortful work of the spiritual beings ....

In the night of the spirit, every cognition is excluded, the ignorant resist in continuous resistance, they do not desire the light, but believe not to need it, because in their delusion they have only sense for that what stands in strict opposition to the true cognition .... they are convinced that they can get along without spiritual knowledge, they feel far rather all spiritual problems as a burden from which they want to escape by keeping away from everything what could impair them in their way of thinking up until now.

And so, consequently, a spiritual emptiness occurs with these people.  Their earthly life occupies them completely, and they walk through God's creation as if blind, nowhere hearing the voice of the Lord or paying attention to it.  The more prevalent this condition becomes, the more alarming the consequences.

In unspeakably difficult labor, the spiritual forces now struggle for the souls languishing in such darkness.  Visible and invisible are thei works.  They bring together those who instruct one another, they direct the thoughts and are pleased when their influence is heeded and man willingly allows himself to be directed .... when he carries out what his heart drives him to do, when he yields without resistance to the spiritual impulse within himself and distances himself spiritually from the earthly world for a short time.

This is so extraordinarily laborious because often a long time goes by before the earthly child listens to the spiritual request to separate from the purely material.  The resistance is sometimes so tremendous that the influence of the spiritual forces is unsuccessful and the erring soul continues to be in severe distress, which man does not recognize as such and therefore does not remedy the agonizing state of the soul.

And so time after time goes by, and where there is no possibility to change the mind of a person, there the spiritual beings communally help themselves .... They try to disturb any earthly joy .... In their distress they resort to a means which is seemingly loveless and yet only testifies to the great love of the spiritual beings for the earthly creatures .... They let bitter drops flow into every joy .... they cause, so to speak, that also earthly joys are not a complete fulfillment of earthly desires .... and thus lay the foundation for inner discontent which increases more and more the more resistance the earthly child gives to the work of the spirit-friends.

In connection with this, all joy of life will appear stale and empty, the soul will wander restlessly to and fro, it will search where it finds complete fulfillment, it will recognize earthly pleasures as transient and only then pay attention to spiritual questions, and when after long laborious work, the friends on the other side can register this success, their joy is indescribable, because only now the soul is saved and receptive for everything coming to it from above.

But now the spirit is able to spread significant light, and there will be brightness where before there was deepest darkness, and the spiritual blindness will give way to clearest recognition.

Just there where one believes to stand in the deepest knowledge, a procedure is often appropriate to transform man's thoughts.  The few who know correctly are often not able to transmit their spiritual knowledge to them; they meet with opposition, and their gift, although gladly offered, is not accepted.  The heavenly truth is not correctly recognized .... it does not take into account the thorough spiritual attitude, which is a prerequisite for the recognition of divine wisdom.

The gifts from above penetrate into the heart of man only if the spiritual desire for them is a prerequisite.  Whoever sinks into his innermost being and at the same time makes the flight into infinity, whoever seeks to fathom the eternal Godhead and at the same time deeply surrenders to Him, whoever recognizes another purpose in earthly life than only the fulfillment of earthly destiny, whoever views all events on earth only from the spiritual point of view, his heart is receptive for Divine gifts .... He will soon separate everything earthly from the spiritual .... he will recognize two worlds, but always the one as a means to an end .... to mature for the second, the spiritual world.

Love should flow through everything, it should determine all actions in earthly life, it should work without interruption, so that through love, the spirit becomes alive, so that through love, man becomes free .... Love, however, should always give, but love for possession should never prevail.  True love, however, will at the same time be a renunciation and thus a separation from matter; and the spiritual striving will never apply to earthly goals, but only to the union with God as Eternal Love ....

Therefore do not look for the last goal in a state of perfection on earth.   The earth is and remains for mankind what it always was .... the place of residence, where the soul is to mature itself through resistance for it's actual destiny, where it is to recognize that only in the spiritual kingdom is it's true home, after which it is to strive without ceasing ....


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