I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0785    on  23.2.1939

School of the Spirit

Spheres of light

Bliss ....

You are to come out of the school of the spirit well-instructed and give the testimony to your teachers at any time that they have introduced you to all knowledge, that they imparted eternal wisdoms to you, and if you have graduated from this school of the spirit with the success that you have penetrated into the depths of Divine wisdom and are therefore also able to recognize the greatness and sublimity of the Creator, your purpose on earth is completely fulfilled, because you have then arrived at the spiritual level which allows you entrance into higher spheres.  You can leave behind the body of flesh and rise above matter without inhibition, completely free in yourselves and freed from all the fetters that oppress you.

This stage will be a blissful one for you, since nothing will cling to you anymore that burdens you.  Flooded with radiant light, nothing impure has access to you, and your state is light and life .... You stand in truth and realize that you can never perish.  From the depth of consciousness, all spiritual knowledge rises and reveals to you the entire creation, and everything will be reflected brightly and clearly before your spiritual eye .... and what you desire to see, will gain life in all multiformity .... There will be nothing that will remain veiled to you .... it will be an unspeakably satisfying state, a permanent feeling of well-being and yet again a constant desire to experience and behold the wonders of creation again and again.

The earth holds only in limited measure the glories of God's creation, and yet these are to be contemplated and marveled at in such abundance, that times pass before a being of light will have absorbed all these wonders of creation ....

But now try to imagine that all celestial bodies, all creations risen in the wide universe by God's omnipotence, have to show such proofs of Divine love-activity in infinitely great numbers and that eternities pass before a being, which stands in the light, has gained insight into the innumerable miracles of creation, and therefore can the state of weariness never ever occur, because this is a concept which can only be applied in earthly life, but never in the eternal work of creation, which is sublime above all earthly, which holds light-beings in endless number and still does not deny one of these beings the full fulfilment of his longing and desire. ....


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