I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0833    on  28.3.1939


Faith paired with intelligence ....

Unspeakable misery provokes unbelief with the people, and whether also the heavenly Father in His mercy want to steer the misery by obvious proofs of Divine work which should make it easier for the people to believe .... this is a vain beginning with the people imbued with their value.  In such a different way the Lord enters into every man's life .... again and again they are given the opportunity to enter into a child-relationship with Him .... And if people would let their hearts speak more and listen less to what their intellect advises them, it would truly be better for mankind and they would be much deeper in faith than they are now.

The person who tries to explain and to dissect everything intellectually, can not be instructed.  Intellect without faith is to be valued as nothing.  Faith alone will be pleasing to the heavenly Father, but faith paired with sharpness of intellect is beneficial for man beyond all expectation, for only now does the right light shine for him, only now does he stand at the source of all wisdom, and his heart will widen in the realization of what abundance of spiritual goods is now offered to him and how he can now successfully use his sharpness of intellect, which is inseparably connected with deep faith.  Therefore, the source of wisdom must be constantly drawn from, because a spring that has been opened so that mankind can refresh itself, will not run dry unless it rejects everything and does not appreciate the refreshment and strengthening offered to it.

The biggest mistake and also the grossest offence against the Divine order is the self-conceit of the people .... because there truly the lever cannot be easily applied.  Whoever is small and thinks himself great, loses also every estimation of the value of truthfulness .... who is not thirsty for truth in himself, will also never be able to judge and will not be able to distinguish the truth from the lie, if it is offered to the people as a spiritual good.  Who always wants to assert himself and his reputation in the first place, his mind is not at all after fathoming of the truth .... rather, the truth is uncomfortable for him, because it first requires self-knowledge and man would have to climb down from his high pedestal, which he has climbed himself ....

And so only he who respects the truth as the highest virtue can stand in the light, because the pure truth can be received only by a truth-hungry person, and this with deepest humility of heart .... The grace of God does not draw near to arrogance, but he who lives in humility, stands always and forever in God's grace .... And thus man must first recognize himself, and this recognition must make him see his own nothingness, then man will humbly bow before his Creator, and Divine grace will not be withheld from him, which will help him to stand in the right light ....


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