I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0834    on  29.3.1939


Natural phenomena ....

In the same rhythm the strangest phenomena repeat themselves, and in it already Divine working is evident, which has made this regularity the law of nature.  If everything in the life of the creatures, in nature and it's phenomena were a disorderly arbitrary expression of spiritual power, then soon an unbelievable chaos would be the result and the existence of individual creations would be questioned very easily, because only in the regulated activity of the spiritual powers influencing nature, lies the security for the existence of creation.  Just this regularity of all natural processes is a factor which must be very much considered and which lets a lawgiver be conspicuously recognized, whose wisdom and omnipotence must be above everything, in order to be able to lead all of creation with such regularity.

And that further these laws of nature have preserved themselves unchanged since it's existence, that the development of the living beings takes place in always unchanged form, that likewise the man always and constantly remains in all bodily functions, and this since the beginning of the creation .... is indisputably a proof of an unfathomable perfection of power and should therefore already put the thinking man into a state of faith, because to steer the whole universe in always constant order is truly something what should not let the man doubt that there must  also be a ruler of the universe, to whose will everything created, is subordinate.

And the belief in it now also lets arise a feeling of reverence and the love towards this Ruler of the universe .... The earth with all it's natural phenomena is already a miraculous work for the thinking man .... but how endlessly versatile is the total creation, and how precisely the phenomena which are absolutely necessary for the existence of the whole take place in it and are to be recognized in the same rhythm again and again ....


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