I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0835    on  29.3.1939

Divine love


Contact ....

The sea of Divine love pours over all creatures again and again.  And whoever believes to be lonely does not regard this love, which replaces a thousand times what is gives away or missed.  Because in the love of God everything is included, protection and care and constant company on all ways.  Those who enjoy Divine love can never feel lonely, because in the connection with the Lord - which everyone is able to establish himself - the human child is already relieved of loneliness, and now to find a permanent protection and shelter outweighs all earthly happiness, because the Divine love with His eternal fire, outshines all earthly splendor a thousandfold, but a light emanates from this love, incomparably happy the one who stands in this light.

The living contact with the Divine Lord is like an uninterrupted line to the anode, and man remains in constant enjoyment of the Divine love as long as he himself keeps the contact established.  Therefore, no man on earth is so pitiable in spite of all kinds of tribulations, for he always has the one privilege of being able to procure comfort and help, happiness and joy for himself through the connection with the Divine Savior, Who in His infinite love considers every being, deservedly and undeservedly, but always giving love in such abundance that the abundance of love could give the earthly child unlimited bliss already on earth, if it were consciously received.

But man does not sense the power of Divine love .... He lacks any understanding for the comprehensive all-love of the Divine Creator, he only knows the term "love" in the temporal sense, which is however predominantly a desiring and rarely only a giving love.  And so also the feeling of happiness is developed far more in the love of possession in the human being than in the renouncing and giving.  But whoever wants to get to know true love in it's deepest happiness, must first renounce all love of possessions, only then he can feel the Divine love as the most delightful thing his heart can receive.

To practice love oneself is the first and last commandment .... and man redeems himself through love, he becomes free and now feels the delights of love, which the Saviour Himself gives him .... which is delightful and unlimited, which contains all the delights of heaven ....  which is as pure as gold and puts every creature into the brightest rapture .... which cannot be replaced anywhere and by anything, which is the highest, which is eternal bliss .... and yet again is available to everyone who only desires the love of the Savior ....


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