I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0848    on  4.4.1939



Spiritual bridge in danger

Deception ....

You have been told that all pride leads to a fall and that it is much more difficult to reach the height again where a fall has preceded.  Behold, My children, I warn you, for I see the inner nature of hearts, and I see with concern how the tempting arms of the world reach out to you .... I see that you are hesitating but still willing to let yourselves be taken .... I also see the unselfishness get lost, I see how you suddenly wants to rise to the heights, but in the earthly sense and no longer think of your spiritual task.

And this has the consequence that the bridges to the hereafter come into danger, that the pillars become shaky and I, as the Lord, must speak a word of power to avert this danger.  Behold, when this danger is approaching, a sign shall be given to you so that you do not waver and go astray.  For the world offers you nothing that I could not replace a thousandfold, no joy of the world will be deep and lasting, and all worldly happiness is only deception and appearance, and what you also think to gain on earth, is deception and without any spiritual benefit ....

And so a spiritual weakness is to be expected in all those who strive for honor and glory in the world.  They cannot expect help at all, because they do not strive for what the help from above assures them.  The purpose of life is always only the earthly life with it's fulfillment, and everything spiritual remains foreign to them, all inclination applies to earthly goods, but they do not think of eternity.  How am I supposed to intervene with blessing where they turn their back to Me .... how am I supposed to bless those who deny Me.  And it denies Me Who are neglected with My Word for the sake of earthly ascent.   Who wants to climb high and does not seek the spiritual height, his fall is imminent, and his struggle will be considerably harder, if he ever still seeks truth on earth.

Only intimate devotion, humble prayer and eager activity in love protects the earthly child from the danger of becoming an apostate, and where it threatens to become weak, it is to call to Me for help, and I want to help it in every trouble, because I know My children, and therefore I warn them in all love not to give away something precious in order to exchange a worthless treasure for it, which consists of an earthly reputation, happiness and wealth and yet leaves the human heart so destitute when the soul falls into darkness as a result.  Therefore, shun the world, shun ostentation and remain humble, simple and modest, and leave all externals to those who believe they cannot live without them .... They have their kingdom of heaven on earth and will have none to expect in the hereafter until they willingly give up everything and content themselves with little for the sake of their soul's salvation ....


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