I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0849    on  5.4.1939

Purpose of the work of creation

No total annihilation ....

With the destruction of the world - i.e. all visible creation - all spiritual would remain undeveloped, it would find, so to speak, no more material which grants to it stay, and would remain therefore always and eternally in the same state, since no task would become to it, by which the spiritual could be brought to the maturity.  It was therefore in the sense of the Creator to redeem this spiritual from inactivity on the one hand and the incompleteness on the other hand .... it was in his sense to draw all spiritual to himself what was never possible in this immature state; he gave him therefore innumerable possibilities to mature, and so the creation became as it were means to the end.  Not the creation in itself is purpose and aim of the creating Divine power, but the final unification of all spiritual with God, which again became possible only by the creation.

Everything that is visible to the human eye has the great task to lead the spiritual that is hidden in itself to the eternal Divinity, because in all matter, the spiritual struggles upwards.  If now the Divine Creator gives over any works of creation to destruction or annihilation by His will at times, then this is insofar wisely considered as it releases the spiritual which is sheltered in itself and which can now take up residence in a still existing or newly emerging creation ....

A total annihilation however .... a downfall of all creation would be eternal punishment for all still immature spiritual.  However, the love of the Divine Creator is not of such a kind that He lets everything that went out from Him remain in such a state which does not correspond to the perfection of the Creator.  Therefore a complete destruction of creation will never come into question, only a permanent change of everything existing, as far as it has association with matter.

Matter as carrier of all spiritual must be exposed to permanent change in order to secure permanent higher development; only with entry into the spiritual kingdom, matter is no longer needed, but still exists in the imagination of the imperfect spiritual being until it has freed itself from the last desire for it and then lives only in love, which is the epitome of all spiritual.

The moment of union with God can only occur in complete separation from all matter, and therefore all creation must have been lived through .... the soul must have conquered every form, every work of creation, it must have worked it's way through everything visible, must have taken everything spiritual from it, increased itself with it and now stand in all perfection before it's Creator and long for the final union with Him.  Then the work of creation has completely fulfilled it's purpose and the spiritual has been brought to the heavenly Father and Creator from eternity ....


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