I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0978    on  24.6.1939

The earthly way without God's help ....

Hear then the Divine voice: The way to the height is passable for every man, if he walks it with Divine help, but insurmountable for those who do not need My help.  And the more stubbornly they persist in their resistance, the more formidable the obstacles pile up before them, and it remains a hopeless struggle to overcome them.  Man grows weary and gives up the struggle, turning to the broad road that leads downward.  All instructions from above go unheard, but the call of the world is heeded, and this to the disadvantage of the soul .... And My help and grace is ready for all, but it remains unused .... and the time on earth hurries along and could earn man unspeakable blessings, if they respected them.

Love dies out among mankind, and so man also neglects to acquire grace through the activity of love, and again an aid is lost to them, and the soul starve itself in great misery.  For man does not redeem himself, he also rejects all means of grace from himself ....  he also does not make use of prayer to Me, which could bring him help, and is thus devoid of all spiritual nourishment.  He does not ask for refreshment from heaven and goes through earthly life unrefreshed and unfortified, which nevertheless makes demands on him, if his soul is to free itself from it's fetters.

So it will look unspeakably bleak around such souls who believe they do not need God's help, and without loving support, it will hardly be possible to bring them salvation; but My love and My mercy constantly seeks to guide these souls on the right path and calls and entices every earthly child to ask the Father and reach out their hands to Me .... because My love is endless and it knows no limits ....


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