I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1116    on  26.9.1939

A life in Divine will ....

Inner voice ....

Man should examine himself with relentless rigor to what extent he complies with God's will, and he should always keep his actions in mind, he should always strive to do the right thing and ask God for the strength to do so, he should never tire of working on himself and always and constantly answer to Him and listen to the inner voice that rebukes him if he wants to go astray.  To live always in the will of God is only feasible when all thinking is turned towards the eternal Godhead, when the love for God dominates man .... Then man will always fulfill the will of Him whom his soul loves.

However, this also requires self-conquest, because in order to be able to fulfill the Divine will, man must willingly renounce everything that gives him earthly pleasure .... he must be able to sacrifice .... he must restrain his worldly desires and seek fulfillment of his longing only in love for God .... he must also avoid everything that could tempt him to sin.  These are the thoughts which want to go aside and which do not correspond to the Divine will.  The enemy tries to influence just such souls who want to serve God, and any means is acceptable to him.  And so he tries to dissuade the striving earthly child from his serious striving for God through whispering thoughts, and therefore a struggling soul will often have to fight against such thoughts, which have to be recognized as an opposing influence and therefore have to be rejected.

And again the inner voice must be listened to, which teaches the earthly child right in every way.  And therefore also every danger will be overcome, if only the will of man is always ready to submit to the Divine will, if he entrusts all his actions and thoughts to the Lord, asks Him for His grace and for the right enlightenment in all things .... The Father in heaven will hear the prayer of His child, and his walk on earth will truly correspond to the will of God, because the Father demands nothing but free human will.  If this is sacrificed to Him, He directs and guides His children in such a way that they safely reach their goal, the eternal home.


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