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Three years test of faith.... Christianity....
Every task involves a certain commitment and the earthly child should always vigorously strive to meet this and not allow mediocrity to creep in since a work such as this demands great dedication and is too vast to be likened to daily routine work. And thus you are advised to give all your will and devotion to this work that it should not suffer any loss on account of trivialities. And now begin: __It will take three complete years for Christianity as a whole to pass its test of faith, to either become strong within itself or to completely abandon its faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world.... And during these three years a clear separation will be distinctly noticeable because the world and its followers endeavour to achieve a total separation from faith, whilst the others unite ever more firmly and devote themselves ever more deeply to their Saviour and Redeemer. The latter flock will be much smaller indeed and for this reason great hardship must still afflict the world to save what is not yet completely bound by Satan. The large community of those who deny the Lord are approaching a dreadful time. The Lord is without mercy when His Words and advice are no longer heeded and are ridiculed and laughed at. It is of vital importance to realise that time after time the Lord seeks to approach the human being with love and kindness and that He meets ever more hardened hearts.... that His intention always concerns the return of His fallen children and is not understood, thus leaving only one way to soften their hearts, and all clemency and mercy would be in vain, as these are ignored. Human beings can only return to their Creator by way of much grief and distress, even then it has to come from the heart because the Lord takes no notice of empty prayers, and after that there will be another separation which can yet deceive the ignorant in the final hour. A heartfelt sigh towards the Father of infinity suffices to deliver a child from gravest peril.... But those who are not praying in spirit and in truth will call in vain as their call cannot be heard; and thus there will not be many who acknowledge their relationship with the Father in the last hour, but for the few it will truly be a blessing.... __Amen
New spiritual kingdom.... Prophet.... New human race....
Humanity will have to recognise its true Salvation in a completely new spiritual direction and it will loudly testify that this alone was its deliverance from all adversity. A tormented human race, afflicted by all kinds of distress, can release itself from utmost earthly torment by changing their innermost being.... by consciously working to improve their soul's life. This way of refinement also results in an improvement of their earthly situation. Only the low spiritual level is the cause of all physical ailments, and the latter will be remedied as soon as the human being makes a spiritual effort to do justice to divine will. The human being's spiritual darkness has such dreadful effects, countless souls walk headlong into ruin and can only be saved by an extremely arduous earthly life. __And in this hardship of the souls the Lord will awaken a man whose soul is filled by the spirit of God.... He will so speak of God that anyone who recognises him as a spiritual saviour of countless misguided people will breathe a sigh of relief. He will be fought against, yet his Word and its might will defeat the enemy.... He will fight for the souls, he will preach about love and ignite hearts by encouraging them into spiritual cooperation.... He will offer people the purest divine teaching, and everyone willing to do what is right will recognise which spirit speaks through him. He will not fear earthly power nor exert force by any means but with infinite patience and love explain to people their wrong way of life, their worldliness and their downfall.... They will listen to his Word and take heart from it, they will withdraw within and recognise the truth of his Words.... They will want to protect him from his pursuers, and soon two sides will emerge and argue with each other.... __And the Lord will impart great strength upon those who support him, whilst the power of those opposing him will diminish. And this will be the beginning of the new kingdom.... And blessed is he who listens to his inner voice and defends what he hears.... blessed is he who joins the army of fighters for God and battles against the opponent's world.... The tortured soul will breathe a sigh of relief for having been saved in the last hour.... __And a new age will dawn.... The world's external appearances, glamour and splendour will not be desired as much as before, the human being will strive for psychological maturity, he will strive for spiritual wealth and will long for gifts from above which the world cannot offer him. And from this time a new human race will emerge which will be the bearer of true Christianity, living in love for God and their neighbour, they will recognise the human being's purpose and thus consciously work at becoming perfect, the soul will unite itself with the spirit and find union with God as Father and Creator of all things in order to be united with Him for all eternity.... __Amen
Natural phenomena.... Temperature.... Star.... Prediction...
Time flies and people don't change their mind; untold souls will perish, unless the Lord still offers them His love in the last hour, when He will bring the horrific destruction of all worldly things home to them.... And therefore pay heed to days which will significantly differ from the usual time of the year. The lower the sun stands the brighter will be its shine and extraordinary heat will astonish people.... This will give rise to all kinds of assumptions.... People will look forward to the approaching time partly with cheerful confidence and partly with anxious reservations, and the human being will be inclined to acknowledge supernatural activity. __Yet only few consider their relationship to God.... They don't realise that God Himself wants to direct their thoughts to Him, they don't even try to look for a connection between Him and the extraordinary natural phenomena.... Indeed, they very quickly get used to it and don't derive the slightest benefit for their soul. For if only they would pay attention they would understand the call from above. But if they do not consider their relationship with the Creator, they remain earthly minded and don't accept any spiritual gift. And all these extraordinary natural phenomena are expressions of spiritual activity by powers which are subject to God and willing to serve Him. More spiritual currents will emerge and make themselves known to people in various ways, and yet people will not spend much thought on them, for the power of darkness has tremendous influence and fights against all spiritual recognition.... it tries to weaken the Divine, consequently humanity will only ever pay attention to earthly events and remain indifferent to God's activity in nature, even though people clearly will be beneficially affected by them. Just a small number see God's hand reaching out to people and try to enlighten their fellow human beings, but they only acknowledge physically perceptible benefits and not an instruction from above that intends to cause a change of human thought. And in this time of well-being, caused by the sun's extraordinary effect at an unusual time, an event will take place which should even make spiritually blind people think.... __A star will separate itself from the firmament and change its path.... This star's radiance will far exceed all others, it will shine brightly at night and approach earth so that this appearance, too, is unusual for people and yet at the same time demonstrates that the Creator of heaven and earth is in full control and thus also dictates the movement of stars according to His will. Once this star becomes visible, humanity will be getting ever closer to the spiritual turning point.... It is offered so much spiritual assistance that it really only needs willpower to accept this help, yet it grows ever more obstinate, its thinking becomes ever more deluded.... And the time is not far away of which the Lord said on earth that the world will be turned upside down if the human being closes his heart to all spiritual issues. __The light will also shine where it is avoided, for the light's radiance will be so bright that it penetrates everything, and even the spiritually deluded person won't be able to avoid seeing, but he wants to reject it anyway, and thus in the end he will be consumed by the light.... For everything bright, light and clear banishes darkness.... And the light will defeat the darkness in so far as darkness has to retreat once the light of truth breaks through. And lies and illusions will crumble but truth will last for all eternity.... __Amen
People carelessly pay no attention to the signs of the time, nothing seems unusual to them, and they accept every happening without realising its significance. And they do not believe the proclamations about the impending natural disaster either, for they think that the time which is mentioned in the Scriptures has not yet come.... They do not accept any kind of explanation because the thought that people of the present time should be the victims is inconvenient to them. Therefore the forthcoming event cannot be made plausible to them either and they will be taken by surprise and be unprepared when the day arrives. And these are the people to whom the Lord says 'I will come like a thief in the night....' They will be fast asleep and will have made no preparations, and their souls will suffer serious hardship when they are recalled from earth. They will not be able to call upon God anymore because the magnitude of the disaster will deprive them of every thought.... God's love will not let anything happen to humanity without informing them first.... And He warns them a long time in advance yet He will not force people to believe these warnings. __However, anyone who pays attention to the signs will not find it difficult to believe. And anyone who is in contact with God will also feel God's admonition in his heart. He will become aware of the signs of the time himself and he will try to attain God's grace, that is, he will appeal for it and commend himself to God's mercy.... Only a short time separates you humans from this event, and you should use this time so that you can expect it with composure.... You should not entertain the thought that you are perfect and have no need of mercy, you should humbly entrust yourselves to God's love and always believe that your last hour has come.... you should listen to the admonitions of those who, as representatives of God, bring you His Word; you should know that the hour is not far away and always be ready. And God's love and mercy will help you during the hours of adversity. He will remember you as you remember Him.... He will spare your life if it is helpful for you, or He will remove you from the earth and grant you a better life in the beyond if you are worthy of it.... But woe to those who approach this hour unprepared and lose their life.... Their fate in the beyond will truly not be an easy one. And God wants to protect people from this by announcing the forthcoming events to them and admonishing them to turn around if their way of life does not correspond to His will. And thereby He will demonstrate the Words of the Holy Scriptures 'I will come like a thief in the night, therefore watch and pray....' __Amen
The raging of natural forces.... Total changes of living ...
It is impossible to make people believe that their earthly life will completely change during the forthcoming time. They count on an end to their time of suffering, followed by economic development and flourishing and improved living conditions, and on a time of tranquillity and peace which will replace the time of upheavals and suffering. They don't want to believe that a far more difficult time is still ahead of them, that they cannot expect any improvement but will still have to endure indescribable suffering and misery. And they dismiss any reference to this as fallacy or imagination. It is therefore very difficult to make them change their lifestyle, to encourage them to conduct themselves in a way which is pleasing to God and to consciously work at improving their souls. For only faith in this would make them seriously strive to attain God's pleasure. Instead, they take no notice of it and ignore God's every admonition, although He speaks to them through adversity and sorrow. This lack of belief exacerbates the spiritual darkness; there is no way to enlighten them because the light itself will be extinguished if it is kindled in order to illuminate them.... God Himself takes pity upon these people and tries to enlighten their spirits, but they close themselves to it and can never attain the truth. Only the truth can save them, yet they don't want to hear it because it completely contradicts their future plans, because it deprives them of their hope for earthly improvement and an end of their state of suffering and expects of them a transformation of their souls and a change of their present way of thinking. They don't want to believe, consequently, there is no other means to make them believe but through steadily worsening earthly plights.... for only through these will they stop being so extremely earthly minded. And this increased earthly suffering will come about through an event which will dwarf everything which came before it, because people will be left at the mercy of the raging of natural forces which human will cannot control. For only when they recognise a higher Power will they bow down to this Authority and humbly ask for help. Thousands of people will certainly be severely affected and the suffering should be enough to make them realise their own helplessness and prompt them to sincerely call upon God for help.... __However, for as long as people are the creators of great adversity it will result in increased hatred and often greater ungodliness, because in their immense adversity they are no longer able to recognise the God of love. But as soon as they are faced by a Power Which they will have to acknowledge because It visibly expresses Itself, the possibility also exists that they will bow down to this Power and appeal to It for mercy. Then God can helpfully intervene. Although it is indeed an extremely painful means of education, it must nevertheless be used if at least a small part of humanity is still to be saved, that is, if in the last hour they will still recognise God in the raging of natural forces and establish contact with Him, without which there will be no salvation. And thus the most powerful event lies ahead of humanity, which it will be unable to escape but which cannot be averted by God because humanity does not heed His admonitions and warnings nor does it change its conduct, but continues to go on living thoughtlessly without paying attention to Him. The slightest God-inclined will would prevent this event from happening and prompt God to show mercy and forbearance, yet people distance themselves increasingly further from God and act in opposition to His will. And since God foresaw this will from the very beginning He has also known for an infinitely long time the effect of people's wrong will and uses the final means in order to win those people over for Himself who are as yet not entirely opposed to Him.... He will make the Earth tremble and thereby instil fear and terror in people.... He will speak to them through the elements of nature, He will let the forces of nature erupt and express Himself loudly and clearly through these.... And this event will entail immense changes; it will cause a complete turnaround in every individual person's lifestyle, and the consequences of the natural disaster will be so very significant that everyone will have to pay attention to it, thus no-one will remain unaffected by it. And blessed is he who will still change his thoughts; blessed is he who will still be able to recognise the hand of God in everything that will still be imposed on humanity in the coming time; blessed is he who will still find his way back to God, who strives to fulfil His will and establishes the right relationship with Him.... He will be helped by God in his adversity and the difficult time will not be in vain for him if it pulls his soul back from the abyss before it is too late.... __Amen
Battle of faith.... The coming of the Lord....
Anyone professing the church of Christ will be treated by the world with hostility and his fate on earth will be difficult, albeit only for a short time, for as soon as the adversity seems beyond endurance, God will rescue His Own and all adversity will end. And God always points out the end to the believers, so that they will bear up against the external onslaught, so that they will faithfully persevere until God delivers them. He will inform them long in advance how Satan will rage and He will promise His Own His protection, so that they recognise the truth of His Word and remain firm in their resistance. If the believers therefore recognise the truth of the divine Word by the progression of world events, by the progression of the battle of faith and the earthly ruling powers' brutal disposition, they will defend His Word even more eagerly, because it will deepen their faith to such an extent that human measures will no longer be able to shake it. And they will receive strength from God, according to their will and their faith, and thus endure the difficult time, for God will not let those down who want to remain faithful to Him unless He still recalls someone into His realm before the end of this earth, if his physical end has come in accordance with divine purpose. However, He needs staunch representatives of the church of Christ during the last days, so that the separation of the spirits can take place. He requires people who proclaim His Word and preach Christ's doctrine of love to the unbelievers, and this without fear and inhibition, so that the unbelievers shall recognise the strength of faith and be shaken up from their spiritual lethargy once more, so that they will still be able to change their mind in the last hour and take the path to Christ, Who alone can bring them salvation, Who alone can redeem them by strengthening their will to liberate themselves from evil and to strive towards God. The fact that the strength of faith is visibly pointed out to the unbelievers are the final means of grace; even so, very little use is made of them because humanity is entangled in Satan's web of lies, because it pays excessive homage to the world and sees its goal of life in exuberant pleasure. And therefore the end will soon happen to you.... and you can recognise this by the fact that faith is being fought against in a way which can truly be called satanic. Then the followers of Christ should unite and together wait for the Lord's help and His coming, for every day and every hour could be the last one, because earthly adversity will become so severe that it will necessitate God's immediate appearance, so that the promises will come true which God gave to people through His Word.... that He will deliver His Own from utmost adversity.... __Amen
Last days.... Future - Present....
God has foretold people what will happen to earth in accordance with His eternal plan of Salvation.... He does not want them to experience the last day unprepared, He does not want to surprise them suddenly in their imperfection but give them ample opportunity beforehand to achieve perfection. He wants to urge them to become spiritual, He wants to warn them of the consequences if they ignore His reminders, and He wants to inform His Own of all events which shall come to pass during the last days in order to strengthen their faith and to give them hope and trust for their deliverance. He will not allow anything to happen to earth without informing people first, so that they should recognise Him in all forthcoming events. But He will never divert from His eternal plan of Salvation which He has wisely considered in knowledge of its effectiveness. The end may well take its time but it will irrevocably arrive, and for that reason all prophecies concerning earth and the signs of the last days should be taken literally. And thus the human being can expect the end at any hour, he should always anticipate that the end could occur in the present time, and therefore attach great importance of improving himself, his soul, so that it can emerge unharmed and stand before God on judgment day. As soon as the human being believes the end to be in the future he becomes indifferent and slow in the work on himself. __However, if he anticipates that God's prophecies could fulfil themselves in the present time he takes the transformation of his nature seriously, and this is God's intention from the start, and He urges people to change their nature. But yet one day His proclamations will become the present and shall fulfil themselves word for word. And just prior to the events people will least believe the prophecies and this itself will demonstrate that the last days have arrived. When no-one anticipates the transformation of earth any longer, when people reject all relevant information, when they look at all events from an entirely earthly and material point of view and ignore the divine Creator, i.e. when they negate every connection between humanity's fate and divine will.... then the hour is not far, because then humanity has reached the degree of maturity which causes the end. And then God's proclamations shall fulfil themselves literally, to the horror of those who do not believe and hence are completely unprepared, and to the joy and comfort of the few who are waiting for the last hour as the hour of deliverance from greatest earthly distress. Because one day even the future will become the present, and although God's love is infinitely great, one day God's justice will take its place and end a condition which is disastrous for the still imperfect spiritual substances in the universe. And for that reason people should be repeatedly reminded of the end, they should be informed of the Word of God Who uses His prophets to warn and remind people and hence speaks to them through mediators.... The end is close at hand and blessed is he who believes the prophecies and prepares himself. The day will come unexpectedly and take all living beings from earth to lead them either into eternal life or into death, as God has proclaimed in Word and scripture.... __Amen
Earthly precautions against the disaster are futile....
You must completely detach yourselves from the world if My strength is to permeate you and you want to become aware of it. And thus even in hours of anxious adversity you will only be full of strength if you are able to ignore all earthly happenings and completely hand yourselves over to Me with your thoughts. And I will take particularly good care of those who try to find this intimate bond during hours of greatest earthly adversity for they demonstrate their faith in Me, which I will never disappoint. You yourselves are unable to avert whatever I send upon you, hence all efforts you make to safeguard your physical well-being will therefore be in vain. You will gain far more by focussing your mind on Me and faithfully wait for My help, for it will result in certain success, and I will protect your body and soul because you believe in Me. Prior to manifesting Myself through the forces of nature I will still send you unmistakable signs that a disaster is approaching, and then remember My Words.... Collect yourselves in prayer and only pay attention to your spiritual welfare, don't worry about your body, just try to establish heartfelt contact with Me so that I will be able to affect and guide you unhindered without finding resistance through earthly diversion, which weakens the working of My spirit or even makes it impossible. Make no attempt for the maintenance of the body, for that which I want to keep alive will also stay alive, and that which you should lose cannot be protected by your will. I know what you need, just as I know what impedes your souls' further development. __And therefore leave it to Me to care for you, for your earthly possessions and only consider your soul, because you don't know whether it will be your last hour too.... I announce Myself in advance because in My love I still want to give you ample opportunity to make contact with the spiritual kingdom, with Me, Who holds every individual person's destiny in My hand and guides it as is best for you. Anyone who unites with Me has found the safest protection and truly will not need any other earthly protective measures which can become worthless in an instant. For again I want to manifest Myself evidently, I want to make Myself apparent to My Own in order to reinforce their faith, to teach them to become true labourers for My kingdom, which they shall become afterwards. Don't worry for I will take care of you; only heed My Words of love and let your heart respond to them. And remind your fellow human beings to conduct themselves in the same way, caution them against overzealous precautions for their earthly welfare and also appeal to them to faithfully turn to Me and commend themselves body and soul to Me. And anyone who heeds your Words will be miraculously guided according to his strength of faith. Therefore don't fear anything no matter what happens, even if you are in a most dangerous situation.... My arm extends far and wide to help as well as to destroy.... Whomever I want to keep alive will remain alive, and whomever I want to destroy will be unable to save himself.... he should only make sure that his soul will not fall pray to darkness, then he will be saved for eternity.... __Amen
Prediction of a swiftly approaching end.... Weak faith th...
You know that you cannot expect a long life on earth anymore and that every day is a grace enabling you to mature fully if you make correct use of the time. You know this from My Word but your faith is not yet profound enough to be spurred into utmost striving, you doubt the truth of My Word as far as it relates to the approaching end. Nevertheless, you should eagerly work at improving yourselves, for the end is at hand.... Time and again I approach you with this admonition and warn you of half-hearted thoughtless living; time and again I call to you: Pay attention to My Word, engross yourselves in it and live accordingly. __You won't know when your last hour has come, you don't know how much time you have left until the end, hence you should live as if every day is your last. I always send you My obedient spirits to convey illuminating thoughts to you, to direct your mind to the spiritual kingdom, I send you My messengers on earth to inform you of the approaching end, to draw your attention to the signs of the last days and to awaken firm faith in you by imparting My Word to you which was transmitted directly to earth. And thus I constantly try to explain to you the gravity of the situation in order to enable you a blissful end, yet none of you take My Words seriously enough, your faith is still too weak to live appropriately even though your will is turned to My direction. And therefore I admonish you time after time:.... Engross yourselves in My Word, let the thought of a near end come alive in you, prepare yourselves for it, and place less importance on earthly things in view of the end, in view of the immense spiritual hardship which will even increase the closer it is to the end. __Use all available strength in order to grow spiritually, and fully entrust the care of your body to Me. Make use of the short time until the end, be constantly active with love, always draw strength from My Word, admonish and teach your fellow human beings to do the same and thus help each other to reach the goal on earth which I had given you, help each other to become perfect, for there is only little time left until the end.... __Amen
Antichrist - A saviour?.... Anti-spiritual activism....
The spirit of the Antichrist is such that he will approach people in the disguise of a saviour although his will utterly opposes God in as much as he does not acknowledge a God of love, just as he, in fact, will reject all spirituality as supernatural and therefore unverifiable, thus non-existent. Even the nature of Christ will be so unfamiliar to him that he will be unable to believe in His act of Salvation and His mission on earth, and thus he will try to portray Him as a mere figment of imagination, making every effort to displace this illusion from people's hearts. His own nature is not the same as Christ's, and therefore it is understandable that he will regard and fight Him as a spiritual enemy. __The forthcoming Antichrist's personality will exceed the natural framework; he will be an extraordinarily gifted human being whose particular strength rests in his worldly self-confidence, in his conduct with those who are responsible for the well-being of the nation. And therefore he will be successful, he will be granted his aspired supreme control, it will be assumed that extensive reforms for the benefit of the general public can be expected through him. Everyone will accept him; he will exploit this superiority for all kinds of measures. But he will especially intervene against the supernatural spirit, against all religious groups as well as churches or spiritual movements which are based on Jesus Christ and His teaching, because he will depict neighbourly love as a state of weakness which has to be fought at all costs. And anyone who joins his endeavours is also regarded as an antichrist, he is considered God-opposing and will prove to be unkind to his neighbour and thus also live in spiritual blindness, since he belongs to Satan's realm. But as ruler over many the Antichrist will cause tremendous chaos with his measures, which will be devoid of all human kindness and only designed to bring hatred and discord amongst humanity, to stifle love and to descend it into utmost spiritual hardship. And then God's countermeasures will become of utmost importance, which will be explained by God's obvious activity through His servants on earth, because He, too, has to be recognisable on earth to those who belong to His side. He has to manifest Himself equally extraordinarily so that He cannot be rejected but has to be acknowledged by people who are willing to walk the right path, who either consciously or unconsciously approach the Creator of heaven and earth by asking for His help in times of spiritual suffering. And then the struggle between good and evil will become particularly intense, since the last hour is moving ever closer and the parting of the spirits has to take place by Judgment Day.... __This separation can only occur when people are seriously confronted by the choice to either acknowledge or deny God. This question will force their decision, and in order to bring it about, the adversary will emerge openly by influencing his representatives on earth to take and enforce measures which exhibit hostile thinking towards God. And thus the last battle on earth will begin.... the battle of faith, the battle against Christ, with the result that people will finally decide for or against Him. And then comes the Judgment.... because they will turn for or against God of their own free will, and this free will they have to answer for. This conflict is inevitable as it distinctly highlights the Antichrist's nature, and all of humanity will then be able to assess the thoughts and actions of the one who appears in the disguise of a saviour in order to realise his shameful plans; who openly fights against God and therefore will be banished into the earth again for a long time, from where he cannot release himself until he is once again helped by people whose wrong love for matter will loosen Satan's chains. But it will never be possible to displace Jesus Christ, He will remain victorious on Judgment Day, and His teaching will fill all hearts. His followers will take it along at their rapture, and thus it will also be held in high esteem as spiritual knowledge on the new earth, it will be exemplified and people will live in utmost realisation and become aglow with the most profound love for God. And God's adversary will never be able to displace it because all power will have been taken from him for a long time.... __Amen
Hour of death.... Explanation of suffering....
You never know how your end will happen, and therefore you should call upon God's mercy every day that you might receive it in the hour of your death. Even if you live in accordance with God's will your end can be difficult if it is to serve you to completely purify and liberate yourselves forever. God's wisdom and love is yours until your last hour on this earth, and as long as your souls are still able to change you will be given the opportunity even at the hour of death. __For this reason devoted people often have to suffer in the flesh and cannot find an explanation for it because they are unable to detect God's love therein. And yet, divine love causes this suffering because it is the best means for the soul to acquire a degree of maturity within a short period of time which allows the light to permeate the soul in the beyond, and the soul will thank its Creator once it is free and recognises God's great love and mercy. Thus all suffering has to be seen as evidence of God's love, and even the end is blessed if it is accompanied by suffering, although it does not appear to the human being that way. The soul indeed separates itself from the body with pain, but immediately lifts itself into the kingdom of the blessed spirits. It not only leaves earth physically but also spiritually and also takes the body's fully matured substances along, because every degree of suffering dissolves the cover which still encloses the soul. __And the person who is still able to free himself completely from immature substances on earth will be blessed.... he will have used his earthly life for his deliverance and will no longer revolt against God's will either. In the hour of death he will certainly struggle for the peace of his soul but he will never consider his physical suffering to be unjustified, for his soul will know that the end is near, that his physical suffering will also come to an end and that the soul will derive benefit from it even if it is no longer able to convey this realisation to the body. The body, however, will separate itself from the soul as soon as it senses its perfection, because then it will have fulfilled its task of having served as an abode for this soul. The hour of death can be difficult for all of you but it can also be a blissful falling asleep in order to awaken in the kingdom of light if the soul needs no further suffering, if it has already found the union with God on earth and He then brings it home into His kingdom, into your Father's house, in order to make you blissfully happy. But you do not know how your end will happen, and therefore pray to God for mercy, ask Him for His grace and strength if God still needs to afflict you, and you will also endure the hour of death. The body will suffer but the soul will joyfully leave the body and lift itself into the spheres of light.... __Amen
The work of God's servants concerning formal believers......
Your particular task is to influence the many believers who feel affiliated to the church and yet cannot be regarded as belonging to My church, for they no longer stand on the foundation of faith. They have built their church on sand, which will give way under their feet if their faith is to be tested. They deem themselves devout and also profess with their lips what the church tells them to believe. Nevertheless, they are not deeply convinced of any religious doctrine, they would be unable to completely agree with any one if they seriously had to form an opinion of it. And this conventional faith, which was merely accepted and will not be abandoned for the sake of the outside world is almost worse than unbelief, for an unbelieving person can be provided with explanations in form of discussions, even disputes, whereas the former offers little opportunity of informing him because he will only profess everything again with his lips and yet is far removed from becoming a convinced representative of that which he acknowledges with his mouth. And he will belong to those who fall away when the decision of faith is demanded of him. For only then will he give his opinion about controversial issues and, not having any knowledge and consequently no realisation of the significance and value of a true faith, he will totally ignorantly relinquish that which is most valuable, the faith in Me as Creator of heaven and earth, the faith in Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world and the faith in the continuation of life after death, which would motivate him to live an appropriately responsible life on earth, which he owes to Me as Father and Judge of eternity. But they will find no mercy before My eyes, for many times they are offered the opportunity to penetrate religious truths and to acquire a living faith, yet they accept no instructions and neither do they openly declare their opposing points of view but only ever leave their fellow human beings under the impression that they belong to the church which I founded on earth as a human being. __I summed up the faithful congregation with the Word 'My church' and will only ever consider those people as belonging to My church who call a living faith their own, for My church is not a worldly organisation, it cannot be externally recognised but is merely the union of believing people on earth, it is My congregation which, although it is small, is extremely dear to Me. The formal believers, however, stand outside the circuit of My flow of love, nevertheless, they can join My congregation at any time when that which they believe themselves to be has become reality, when they own a living faith and are very happy with possessing it. And a sign of a living faith is the fact that they gladly speak about divine matters, that they look for and enthusiastically hold spiritual conversations and that they provide clarifications where their fellow human beings are still in the dark. For once someone belongs to My church he will also appreciate My treasures, he will know about the significance of the time and the approaching end. He will remain loyal to My church for there is nothing left on earth that would be desirable for him. The living faith has opened this knowledge up for him, and he knows the alarming ramifications of a conventional faith, of the soul's fate in the beyond, subsequently he will do whatever it takes to draw people's attention to the danger they are in; he will try to make them understand it so that they will still be able to gain a living faith in the last hour. But whether it is successful entirely depends on the human being's will, the freedom of which shall not be curtailed if the soul is to ascend. And yet it is your task to influence the formal believers as much as possible since they are, after all, in greatest danger and are therefore in need of help because they lack realisation, and wherever help is necessary it shall be given, so that no-one can say that the blessings of divine mercy had bypassed him.... I want to help all people, but whether My help is accepted is determined by people themselves, and I let them keep their freedom.... __Amen
Doubting God's existence in the end time....
It requires an exceptionally keen intellect to scientifically prove that God's existence can be doubted or denied. And the attempt will be made to solve this biggest problem by scientific means.... the question: Does God exist?.... That humanity is deliberating this most important question is also a sign of the end time, but far more in a negative sense, since people are willing to partake in this controversial issue and its line of argument because their faith, if it exists at all, is very weak and the slightest reason suffices to shake it.... __Does God exist?.... __No question is more important, and providing it is asked seriously by seeking people I Am prepared to enlighten them so that the seeker will be truly satisfied with the knowledge he receives and which he now also confidently upholds. However, if the question is not raised by seekers but by people who think they know better, who only accept the answer which suits them, and who do not want to prove that I Am but that I Am not, they will never arrive at a truthful result, in spite of sound evidence. They already belong to the opposing power which wants to take over the reign itself and push Me aside.... And this is the beginning of the end, because according to the law of eternity I will strip My adversary of his power as soon as he oversteps his legitimate limit, which will be the case when he attempts to displace Me entirely from people's thoughts.... __The battle for Me will be harsh, impressive words intend to convince My Own that they are chasing after a figment of imagination, all religious dogmas and doctrines will be pulled to pieces and not entirely steadfast people will gradually suffer defeat, because the adversary knows how to use his words effectively. And since the majority of people lack knowledge, since they are spiritually blind themselves, they cannot detect the adversary's inaccuracy, but they cannot look for and find the truth within themselves either. And they will falter and fall if they do not join Me in the last hour, if they do not (in the last hour) ask Me for clarification which I very gladly grant to anyone who asks, providing he is of good will and wants what is right and truthful. But anyone who trusts in himself, who wants to solve this most important problem intellectually as well, will get lost in the darkness because he is chasing a deceptive light, he believes the convincing words of worldly scholars and admires their keen intellect and conclusions, and he will abandon Me.... and condemn himself.... __And because I know of this conflict since eternity, because I want to help the weak as well as those who are looking for Me, I Am bringing them the truth in advance. And anyone who applies this truth, who becomes worthy to receive it and voluntarily aspires for it will outshine the keen intellect of worldly scholars, he will become knowledgeable, he will receive the ability to reason, his spirit will become enlightened, and nothing will be able to take away his faith, his conviction, because he is taught by Me Myself and has the evidence that I Am and that I want to win all My living creations for eternity.... And he will remain loyal to Me until the end.... __Amen
Luminous appearance in the sky.... The cross of Jesus Chr...
Pay heed to the occurrences of the last days. And thus you will soon become aware of changes in nature; you will be able to observe a peculiar power-play, a phenomenon which will make you think, if you regard it with the right attitude towards Me, the Creator, Who also causes these appearances to take place in order to turn all people's attention to Himself. And you will notice that only few people have the right attitude towards Me, that most try to explain everything in a worldly sense and are not especially impressed by extraordinary manifestations. This luminous sign will show itself during the day, it will be visible in the sky without prior warning and will not permit any other interpretation than a reference to Christ's act of Salvation, because it is in the shape of a cross with the unmistakable face of the Redeemer. And this luminous phenomenon will give rise to much debate, and now My servants should prepare themselves since this manifestation will be the beginning, it is more or less intended for all people, because it can be seen by all. But how differently it will be regarded and how little it will be understood.... __I will cause a visible sign to appear in the sky and yet find very little attention; I will place the work of Salvation before their eyes that they may believe in Jesus Christ and become blessed, but their faith in Him will be as good as gone and will no longer be found or strengthened either, in spite of this luminous appearance. Because humanity has become too worldly minded and does not want to believe, because they would like to evade all responsibility which they could not do if they had faith in Christ. And thus, this luminous appearance will again be a sign from heaven, a sign of the last days, for only a few people. Although many will indeed be seized by inner unrest it will soon give way to tense attention which, however, is only due to the appearance as such. They will not believe that it is related to the forthcoming end and will merely mock the believers, who will proclaim these predictions to their fellow human beings so that they can prepare themselves for the end. They will find little belief and yet may not slow down in their work for My kingdom, because such opportunities are a special grace for people on earth to reflect and consider the thought of possible intercession by supernatural forces through extraordinary natural phenomena, that the appearance will have been planned by Me to remind people of the end. Science will provide an explanation which will also be accepted, but anyone with spiritual aspiration will recognise Me therein and will cheer and rejoice in view of the imminent end. Because the world will have nothing more to offer him yet his heart will be full of hope for life after death, and he will long for the last hour which will release him from earthly hardship, as I promised, that I will come in the clouds to take My Own home into My kingdom. He will know that the hour has arrived when earthly tribulations increase and no more worldly help can be expected. Then I will shorten the days so that My Own will remain faithful and endure to the end.... __Amen
Destiny according to human will....
I inform you that your destiny certainly takes shape according to My will, nevertheless it adapts itself to your will, so that your will effectively determines the sequence of all happenings, because it requires the necessary opportunities to achieve maturity in order to subordinate itself as quickly as possible to My will. A will that is utterly devoted to Me assures a person maturity of soul and he will be able to enter the beyond as a being of light when his last hour has come. However, as long as he still resists Me he needs to be tested and always and forever encounter oppositions in his earthly life, unless he has completely handed himself over to My adversary, who will help him in every way during his time on earth. But he shall not take pleasure in his easy earthly life, for after his death he must atone for it a thousand fold. And thus a person who is granted a difficult destiny can know himself to be loved and cared for by Me; he need only ever trust in My help and My strength and humbly accept his destiny and his soul will benefit from it, the extent of which will only be recognised by him in the spiritual kingdom. Wherever suffering and worry can be found, that is where I Myself Am at work to change the individual person's will, that is where My presence, My guidance and My activity are recognisable. Hence, the immense suffering going on across earth should not be regarded as a sign of being abandoned by Me, but as a sign of My never-ending love and concern for you. I will not turn away from you even if you distance yourselves from Me, I constantly try to win you back for Me and therefore let you endure adversity and destitution, because your wrong will requires Me to do so if I want to help you attain beatitude. Every individual person's destiny corresponds to his will, which has been known to Me from the start, and the extent of suffering you have to endure corresponds to the maturity of your soul, which is also known to Me and which I constantly seek to raise. You can pass away from the earthly world in various degrees of light; this is never limited, but I know your will and where the possibility exists to attain a high degree of maturity of soul I make use of all means, and strokes of fate, oppositions in life and suffering and sadness should be regarded as such, for they can be of immense benefit to you if you completely submit yourselves to Me, if you subordinate your will to Mine, if you humbly endure everything you are granted. For I love you, you are My living creations and I want to win you over for Me, for eternity.... __Amen
You are all returning to the condition of the most primitive lifestyle, for only by that it is possible to get you to serve in love for the neighbor, which alone can redeem you. To all people is now given the opportunity to work in love but the free will is decisive as to how far the opportunity is utilized. And thus mankind is out to again create improved life conditions and just according to the will of the individual with just or unjust means at that, for there will be just a few serving but most of them letting themselves be served and at the expense of the neighbors to again attain prosperity, even though for a short time only, for very soon the end will follow. __But the preceding to the end is set from eternity. A partial destruction of inconceivable extent affecting vast areas of land and demanding countless human lives. So, for these people then the end has come, however, as a result of that their souls will enter the beyond yet. The last hour for this world has not yet come where also the portals to the spiritual kingdom will be shut. But to the survivors is yet granted a last reprieve, an exceedingly hard earthly life that may still be called a time of grace though, that yields an increased maturity to many who are still of good will. __The great happenings [actually] should get all people thinking and have them seek contact with God but there are just a few who draw an advantage for their soul from that by entrusting themselves to their Creator and Father from eternity and asking Him for mercy and help. And to all those help shall be granted. For the misery will be big and so general that help from the outside cannot be expected. Only mutually people can help each other and in this love for the neighbor they will be strongly supported from above; they will be able to manage jobs that are actually beyond their strength. Yet the will to help will bring them extraordinary supply of strength, the will to help will have a blessed effect also on themselves so that the helpful person receives spiritually and physically what he/she is willing to pass on, and thus one's own need is removed by that as well. The power of faith and love will visibly appear and every person can ease one's lot by readily remembering one's neighbor and not just one's own need. It's for the sake of reviving love this great need comes upon you because only love can redeem you, and it continuously keeps cooling off the closer it is to the end . And whoever is still capable and willing to love won't be crushed down by the need but they will overcome it by virtue of one's love for the neighbor. __Still, there will be great sorrow everywhere. People will get torn apart, they won't have contact with each other anymore and everyone is now offered the opportunity to devote all one's energies for the ease of the surrounding plight. And man can accomplish a lot if just calling upon God for support and having a desire of help for others. But whoever makes use of one's neighbor and tries to take advantage of his need for one's own self will, at the end, be counted to the ones to be swallowed up by the earth at the last day. He will be counted to the ones to be damned because they turned into true devils and will have to share his [satan's] wages, who will be put in bondage and be again banned in the new earth for an endless long time. __Amen
You should prepare yourselves for the coming time.... What My seers and prophets have proclaimed will come to pass, for time has expired and according to eternal law humanity is facing a radical change, which has to be understood in a spiritual as well as a material sense. It is the time of the end, the earth is changing and for the inhabitants of earth an era comes to an end and a new one begins. Yet only a few of the people who are presently alive will experience this new era, for preconditions have to be complied with which only those few will carry out. For this reason the earth will come to an end and countless people will die as a result because they cannot experience the new era anymore. I Am indeed lenient with those who will still come to Me in the last hour, who will call upon Me for mercy, yet only a few will suddenly change and realise their sinfulness and therefore still be accepted by Me in the last hour. But it is My will that the small flock of My Own shall reach the final goal, that they will survive the ending of this era and enter the new era where I will need them to uphold My law of order. And therefore I say to you: __Prepare yourselves for the coming time, for it will make extraordinary demands on you, on your will, your faith and your loyalty to Me. The approaching time enables you to achieve exceptionally high maturity but it will also lay claim to all your strength. For the closer it gets to the end the more that which is actually reality will appear unreal to you, the more your faith will be attacked and My name dragged through the mud. But if you seriously prepare yourselves you will be above it all, for as soon as you belong to those who know, your faith can no longer be shaken. Knowledge, however, is the consequence of love.... therefore you should make an effort to live a busy life of love for then you will prepare yourselves well for the end.... This is My advice which you should not ignore.... Cultivate love.... and an abundance of strength and light will flow to you which will enable you to resist everything that will be inflicted on you in the last days and nothing will be able to incapacitate you in the final battle. Prepare yourselves and don't hesitate, for the time is approaching the end, this period of Salvation will be terminated because it corresponds to the eternal order that a change will have to take place as soon as no further progress can be achieved in the spiritual development.... No spiritual impetus can be found amongst people, only a few are striving towards the light and for these few I have a new task in mind which will only start after the change that takes place at the end. Hence they, My small flock, will once again be admonished to eagerly work at improving their souls, for the last great onslaught will happen soon, the last battle begins which shall find forearmed fighters who will enter the battle with Me and therefore will also win.... who will triumph in the end over the opponent and his followers.... __Amen
Serious reference to the end....
Your days are numbered.... You won't live on this earth for long anymore, your lives will be shortened because the time I granted humanity for its salvation has come to an end, and you, who are presently alive, belong to those who will live to see the end.... I will certainly still recall many beforehand whose souls would not survive the last battle for Me and My kingdom, and many will die far and wide, and the various reasons will not make you humans aware of the fact that the last action has already started, that it is already an act of mercy, because I give those souls the opportunity to continue their process of development in the kingdom of the beyond, which will no longer be possible once the last day has come.... You all have not much time left yet none of you know if he will not be snatched from the midst of life earlier, no-one knows when his hour has come.... Don't mourn those who go before you, for they are recalled by My love; but often remember them in your prayer so that they will make use of the blessings which will also be granted to them in the afterlife. I seriously admonish you all to prepare yourselves for your last hour, for you don't have much time left. I urgently warn you through the events in the world, and if only you kept your eyes open you would recognise the gravity of the hour, for I clearly speak to you through the signs of the time. __However, you humans only have eyes for the world, you give the world your every attention but fail to think of Me, and irritably you shrug everything off what could draw your attention to Me and the end.... You don't want to believe and therefore remain untouched by all happenings which only too clearly demonstrate the truth of My Word to you. It is high time.... yet not in a worldly sense but for penance, for a change of will, for turning back and for reflection.... Don't remain indifferent when I admonish you for whatever it may be.... Ask yourselves in what state you are in when you are being called to leave the earth and to enter through the gate of death into eternity.... Ask yourselves as whether you will be able to stand before My eyes and believe that the hour will soon arrive when your earthly life comes to an end.... Therefore, only take care of your souls and turn your eyes away from the world, for it will perish, the soul, however, is everlasting and its fate in eternity will be according to your way of life on Earth.... __Amen
World clock.... Final hours....
I want to inform those of you who believe in Me and have personally experienced My working that the world clock will soon run out, that the last hour will strike almost immediately and that My coming is imminent. People do not give credence to My relevant proclamations and only a few attach importance to them. Nevertheless, I keep telling you time and time again: The Day of Judgment is near and every person's life is at risk. However, I do not refer to your mortal life, instead, your spiritual life is at risk, for if you are unprepared when the day comes upon you, you will succumb to spiritual death and this is far worse than mortal death which only affects the body. You are only minutes away from the Day of Judgment and although I use a different measurement of time.... the time will pass by at a frightening rate and the end will arrive alarmingly soon. My faithful followers will feel it and, with increasing eloquence, draw their fellow human beings' attention to the Day of Judgment, but they will still not find any credence even when it becomes obvious that Satan is raging with all his might.... when the signs of the end are unmistakable and constantly increase.... The human race will cling to the world and refuse to believe that it will come to an end; even My voice from above will be ignored by them and that will be their downfall. Nevertheless you should speak to them and inform them of My admonitions and warnings even if they don't want to accept anything. They shall be warned so that no-one can say that they did not know anything.... because I Myself still want to draw every individual person's attention to it through personal indications, signs and events which affect him directly. Everyone shall be addressed by Me, even the greatest sinner and scorner of an eternal God.... They shall all still receive My grace beforehand so that they will not go astray if only they listen and make use of My gift of grace. And everyone will find the confirmation of My servants' Words, everyone will be forced to think about it.... but the result will be determined by his own will. But then the last Judgment will come without fail.... so that what I let seers and prophets proclaim to this day will come to pass. Yet woe to those who ignore My every admonition and warning.... Woe to those who have rejected My gifts of grace from above and live an irresponsible life on earth. My Word is truth and must come true, and thus you humans can expect this day with certainty, regardless of whether or not you are prepared.... Once the world clock has run out everything on earth will come to an end and I will only fetch My Own into My kingdom, My Own, who believe in Me as the Creator and Father of eternity and also courageously profess this faith before the world. The secular world, however, is a part of the one who will be bound again and, with him, everything that still adheres to him.... they will be judged on the last day and their fate will be profound darkness.... __Amen
The time is fulfilled, everything points to the end.... yet only the people who strive towards Me can see the signs, for their eyes are turned heavenwards, and thus they also receive enlightenment from above and don't doubt that now will come to pass what seers and prophets have foretold on My instructions. What seems self-evident to them is completely implausible to the worldly person, they look at things with different eyes than those who only see the world and therefore also only live for the world and its pleasures, and whose spirit will grow progressively darker the closer it gets to the end. And for all these people an event will still happen before the end which certainly could change their thoughts, which could make them stop and think, if only they had a little good will! I still want to reveal Myself in advance, although even then they still won't have to recognise Me.... Once again they shall lose that which they greedily aspire to, their earthly possessions shall be destroyed and taken away from them again, yet by a power which they cannot hold accountable for it.... I want to manifest Myself through the elements of nature in order to save them.... Where there is still a spark of faith in a person there is also an opportunity for salvation, for he can still turn his thoughts to Me in the last hour and call upon Me for help.... and even if he loses his mortal life.... this call will be heard and his faith will be rewarded to him in the kingdom of the beyond, where he will find help.... I only want to see an acknowledging thought and My hand will extend itself to everyone, in order to demonstrate Myself to him at last. I truly make it easy for you to believe in Me if only you would put it to the test by calling upon Me in spirit and in truth. And therefore I will make a final attempt to save them, to save those who have not yet entirely fallen prey to My adversary. __I will let the earth tremble and every hope of earthly rescue vanish.... And where no help is possible anymore I alone can still provide rescue, for nothing is impossible for Me.... And anyone who, in utmost crisis, remembers his childlike faith, who makes this final attempt to call upon Me, will truly not regret it.... He will be saved for time and eternity, since losing his earthly life will then only be a blessing if the soul still ascends in the spiritual kingdom. Although the forces of nature are not always regarded as an expression of My power and strength, yet mortal fear occasionally gives rise to different thoughts than the human being would otherwise have, he can recognise Me in an instant and therefore also call upon Me for help. Yet this never applies to the word which is merely voiced by the mouth, if the heart is not involved.... The time is fulfilled, but prior to this will come to pass what I proclaimed to you and repeatedly proclaim again.... an unusual natural event, which is intended to remind you of the end that will follow soon afterwards. I constantly admonish and caution you to take notice of My Words, and I draw your attention to the signs of the time, yet I cannot force you to accept My Words as truth.... however, commit them to your memory, so that they will remind you of the One Who speaks to you and Who truly only wants what is best for you, Who wants to rescue you from the abyss towards which those of you, who are completely devoid of faith, are heading.... __Amen
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