Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0338 19.3.1938

Why God allows pressure through greed - lies and injustice ....

Only some faith in God's righteousness will be enough to make you understand everything that is still inexplicable to you .... If people were impaired in their walk and could never find themselves out of their own free will in faith in our Lord and Savior, what would it be like among you?  The Father's holy will indeed do allow at times measures which do not appear at all suitable for the promotion of the human soul and nevertheless so unspeakably much affect these, and certainly rather in a favorable than unfavorable sense ....

Look at the masses of people .... is there maybe one who had to miss the love and goodness of his Lord God, if he only turns to where it comes from? .... But the sense of man clings to external things, and this takes his heart completely captive .... And so the Lord must first let him recognize how trivial worldly events are, how often whole crowds of people let themselves be led into lies and deception - and the guidance from above, which wants to make people infinitely happy in real love and truth .... is so easily rejected .... is not recognized at all and therefore can also it's effect not be evaluated by the human children.

Once such masses have come through experience and thought to the point where the difference in rank does not at all protect them from base desires .... that in those circles greed, lies, injustice and many other things are just as present as in the lower classes, then all this will cause them hours of indignation .... this cause man to turn against such powers in his heart .... and the falling away from this in the innermost heart and the aversion against all these unfair motives of human actions, then frees up the ascending way for him ....

It seeks the opposite of what it must abhor inwardly .... it demands truth, sincerity and justice, and the sense of all that is noble is awakened in man, where it was not previously present .... He is born, as it were, in the abomination of sin, and (it = ed.) this recognition is far more beneficial to man than when man goes through life without being given the opportunity to know sin and it's worthlessness - yes, it's depravity.  Mankind may well have to suffer hardship and distress through such times, but what are these earthly troubles compared to what is awaiting them in eternity ....

The Lord leads everything with wise counsel ..... What He permits, always has only one purpose - to lead mankind in it's thinking on the right path, and thus a service for the salvation of mankind is also indirectly rendered, where it languishes under pressure and rebels in righteous indignation.  So seek to see in every event a means for the advancement of your soul, applied to you in love, and you will learn to bear everything in patience .... because the Lord alone knows what He allows everything for ....




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