Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0473 19.6.1938

Divine Mercy ....

Few among you know how to appreciate the grace of the Lord, and people believe that they can achieve by their own efforts what is to be the goal of all of you.  And yet they can do nothing without the grace of God .... That is why people so often move on the wrong track; their own will drives them to do so .... they do not respect Divine grace, do not desire it in prayer and are thus on their own.  And then their way of acting is purely human-earthly.

Those who entrust themselves to Divine grace and the Lord, will always advance much faster.  For it is easy for them to recognize, they will attain a sharper power of judgment .... The innermost instinct of the heart will always show them what is pleasing to God.  And the willpower will be strengthened to do what the heart dictates.  Thus Divine grace works ever more intensely the more it is invoked in prayer, and what then still burdens the soul, are always only trials of an easier kind to strengthen it's power of resistance.

For the time on earth the devotion to the Lord is completely sufficient to secure the means of grace of all kinds, because the Lord does not leave anyone who only trusts Him .... He wants that all children turn to Him, and will therefore also abundantly consider them so that the way is not to become too difficult for anybody on earth.  And this help considered, life on earth will also bring success to man, which is the goal of his soul ....

What now appears inexplicable to you people, what is not comprehensible to you or creates doubts in you .... give all this to your Savior, He will give you clarity in all things because you are allowed to speak to the Father like children, and you will never be left without an answer.  But one thing is needed .... that you truly feel yourselves to be children of your Father .... that you are fully believing to find all power with the heavenly Father and also to be acknowledged for all help, if you only strive for it.

Without faith you also cannot ask from the heart, and then also Divine grace cannot be granted to you.  For faith will always be the first .... Do you believe that there is a Father in heaven, that He cares for you as His children .... then it will also be easy for you to ask Him for His help from your innermost heart, and then you will be blessed with grace forever.  Heaven's greatest joy is the joy of willing, trusting children ....

The precondition for a Godly walk on earth is given in faith and good will .... the grace of the Lord supports all striving and reveals the spiritual truths to the child on earth, and so the way up will become increasingly easier as long as the will and the heart always turn towards the Father.  And standing in His sun of mercy, you have nothing to fear on your way on earth that could harm your soul .... For the body can pass away, but the soul is able to enter the heavenly kingdom at the end of days without harm ....




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