Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0478 22.6.1938

Air-, fire- and water-spirits

Behold, the power of the Most High over heaven and earth is veiled in the ether blue.  What you see all around you is His work and His will .... what you see above you, you cannot fathom.  This is a structure of vapor, light and air, which expresses itself in a variety of compositions and connections also in a variety of appearances.

The whole atmosphere that surrounds you, is already a veiled manifestation of God's power.  In most unbelievable pictures the clouds pass by you, incessantly changing in their forms .... the clouds again are a composition of deposits, which originate from the perpetual activity of the spirit beings in the air region and make themselves visible to the human eye soon dissolving, soon accumulating.  You all could easily get an insight into the atmospheric work of the spiritual beings, because this happens constantly before your eyes namely the constant changes what you call weather.

The activity of such beings consists in the fact that all air-, water- and fire-spirits unite and cooperate and in such collective work, the layer of air surrounding the earth is permanently animated. .... Soon all substances are banished, and light- and fire-spirits act more intensively and penetrate all material surroundings of the earth .... Soon the air- and water- spirits come into full activity, loosen the banished substances and appear as wind or rain .... Soon both fight with each other and try to push through ....

Thus the activity on earth and around it is equally active, nothing remains unchanged, nothing remains idle on any level ..... Everything pushes forward unstoppably, and this activity expresses itself again and again in different appearances, so that an observer of this must fully confirm an orderly activity .... which he might dismiss with the simple word "natural phenomenon".  But also every natural phenomenon must have an explanation and can never ever arise by itself .... i.e. without the will of the Creator, but must always agree in cause and effect with all laws of creation, otherwise it would bring about complete destruction, but would not result in an orderly continuation of the earth ....



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