Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0479 22.6.1938

Elemental forces and their action ....

The forces which express themselves in all natural elements are, so to speak, only the activity of still unbound spiritual beings which gather in the atmospheric environment of the earth and express their existence in just this way.  Every such free being seeks embodiment in some form.  Extraordinary powers are at their disposal, because through them again countless purposes have to be carried out on earth, which all have their reason more or less in the work of God's creation.

Now, however, such elementary forces must adapt themselves to the respective Divine order which has regulated all working of such forces according to the wise plan of creation and to which everything in this order must subordinate itself .... I.e., it cannot express itself arbitrarily as an out-of-season force .... which conditions a certain season and certain laws of nature for the exercise of it's activity .... Where such elements step into activity outside of their actual purpose, there it then cause all kinds of catastrophes .... Then these unbound beings become active in such great numbers that only the greatest love of the spirit-beings concerned for the earthly children, can put a stop to these natural elements in the will of the Lord.

In such catastrophes, also forces will appear which destroy without restraint everything which God Himself let come into being by His will .... but also such destruction will be God-willed up to a certain degree again for the purpose of the enlightenment of mankind.  Such events can also result in unspeakable good, but the will of God will always be decisive, and the busy activity of such spiritual beings can be allowed by God at times, but they can also be stopped at any time .... because the will of the Lord alone will rule now and always, and everything on earth bows down to this Divine will ....



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