Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0493  2.7.1938

Extinguishing of the light ....
Sign of Divine benevolence ....
Earthly power ....

Everything bad will quite soon exist in the world and will find approval rather than the good.  Thus we teach you again and again that in a short time, evil will have found such an entrance among the people, that the Lord must intervene to bring people back into the Divine order.  If the noble wants to prevail, then a fight must precede, which will have terrible effects, because mankind will not willingly follow the instructions of the Lord, but will rather appropriate everything that earthly rulers submit to it as commandments.

And so it will be possible to extinguish the light everywhere, and there God must fight for these souls with all love, patience and perseverance, if they are to be taken up again into the circle of those who are lifted out of darkness into the light.  What will take place at this time will mean an unmistakable sign of Divine favor both to the fighters of God and to the still blind creatures of the earth.

Those will recognize with thanksgiving and reverence the rule of God, but these will feel the hand of an eternal God full of wonder and trembling, and those who give thanks will accept the light and turn away from the world.  But there will be only a few of them.  The world does not easily let go of those who have only enjoyed it's pleasures.  They do not desire what eternity offers them because they are without faith and still expect nothing for themselves after bodily death.

And where from authoritative side all faith is destroyed, there also will be taken care that the man remains in the greatest possible spiritual blindness .... that he does not turn his thoughts to a problem whose solution could have a disadvantageous effect for this earthly power.  The man with true deep faith can never surrender himself fully to the world .... but an unrestrained surrender is demanded from the world and it's rulers as a pledge that they recognize this power unconditionally.

However, where faith in God is deeply rooted in man, there the earthly child will abandon himself to the Father alone, he will serve Him in all things and therefore often come into conflict with the task set for him by the earthly ruler, and so the views already clash there .... only one will can rule .... But where the power ruling on earth opposes the Divine power, there the adversity will have to come over people from the Lord Himself .... Only then will the earthly child be confronted with the self-decision to leave God the Lord or to belong to Him forever.

And let this be said to you, you people on earth .... your stay is not long in the earth-valley, if you do not want to accept the teaching of the Lord .... The time of grace is soon over, therefore use it wisely .... seek to approach the Lord and pray for the strength to think and do what is right always and continually, then you will be graced and recognize, and light will be given to you to walk the right path that leads to the goal .... towards the eternal home ....




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